Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Magic of Oval Art Tiles

We love our oval art tiles and wanted to share with you all to great things about them including ways to use them for decoration, and yes, even for magic!  When we go to festivals, our 4" x 6" ceramic oval wall tiles are really popular, people pick them up, hold them in their hands, and just love the feel of them.  We think there are many reasons for this, here are a few of our favorite reasons that we love them, we think you will too!

Lady of the Forest peers out mischievously from this wall.
  • Great to Collect: These tiles look really nice hanging in groupings on the wall.  We know someone who had an open space over a long doorway and filled it with a row of fairy oval art tiles.  They also look nice hanging with a grouping of other items like candle sconces, wreaths or art.
Solar Eclipse, the embrace of the Sun God and Moon Goddess, wouldn't this add lusty energy to your bedroom?!
  • Magical Uses: These tiles can make really great permanent magic for your home. You can write on the back with a fine line permanent marker or metallic paint pen, so why not add your own magical symbols or charms to the back and charge it with your intentions. Bridget could add happy home and healing energy. Use the Rowan Fairy to shield your home from negative energies. The Oak Fairy or Greenman could hang around and add a boost to your finances!  You could also add an herbal wash to the back and let it dry before adding your writing or symbols for an extra magical punch. 
  • Affordable: At only ten bucks each, these tiles are a great value. These beautiful gloss finish ceramic tiles are a beautiful decorative piece to hang on your wall. They measures 4" x 6" and are a great way to collect artwork when you're on a budget.
    Tatianas New Dress, I have one in my bathroom which is all decorated in greens and fairies.
  • They're so Pretty:  The look of the art printed on these ceramic tiles gives it a very attractive soft look.  The fronts are glossy, and the back is uncoated ceramic.  The art is not paper decoupaged onto these tiles, we use the dye sublimation method to make these tiles right in our studio.  The art is printed using special dyes and then with heat and pressure the dye is actually infused into the surface of the ceramic. 

  • Versatility:  They come complete with a hanger already on the back, so you can hang them wherever you want, and you don't have to buy a frame, it's self contained and ready to go.  Great for hanging near your altar, or they can be displayed on a small easel.
Here's what the backs look like.

  • Gift Giving:  Because they're so affordable, they make great gifts, many of our customers have told us they've given these as gifts.  One bride ordered several to give her bridal party, she wrote the names and date on the back with a metallic pen to make them personalised keepsakes of her special day.  We also had a customer pick one up to give as a gift to someone as an initiation gift.  Who would you give one to?

  • Convenient Size: For people who don't have room for prints but want to own a piece of this magical art, these great art tiles are a great solution, you can always find a little nook or corner to display one of these sweet oval tiles.

   That's what our oval tiles are all about, a really classy looking and affordable way to add flair to any room.  We have loads of them now in our Etsy shop and adding more over the next 24 hours.  If you ever see any of Mickie's art that we don't have an an oval tile, drop us an email or convo, we're happy to make you a custom one.



  1. I do so love these Mickie, and such amazing uses! I just love the idea of writing something on the back and making them part of your home protection. And such pretty protection too!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, I have some personalised spells like that in my home, and I thought others might like the idea as well! :o)


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