Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Symbolism of the Fearless Sigil

I sketched a sigil in my hotel room during my recent trip to New Orleans to sign books at the American Library Association conference. This vision of this was fueled by the positive energy that filled the whole weekend; the intention of this design is to fill our lives with magic and live fearlessly in the moment. Being true to yourself is the best psychic shield from negativity in the universe. I'm calling it "Fearless!" 

Fearless Sigil

I ended up creating some hexenspiegles using the design and also some beads that I picked up while shopping and exploring on my trip. People seemed to like the sigil and wanted to see it on other items too so Dan and I created a few items to put in our shop with the sigil on them. I'm really glad it's energy is speaking to others as well. I had a couple people ask me about the symbolism and the process, so I thought I would share it here.

I have several different ways of creating sigils depending on how I’ll use it and the circumstances, there are probably as many methods as there are witches in the world.  I seldom use the method of creating sigils from the letters of my intention, it just feels less organic to me.  Sometimes I construct them purposely and logically using magical symbolism. Other times I connect deeply with my emotions of the intention while visualizing the outcome and then closing my eyes I create a small bit of “automatic writing” pushing my feelings and intention through the pen then clean that squiggle up and turn that into a sigil. This one was kind of a result of both methods in a way but also included meditation and being open to Spirit. I didn't set out to design a sigil, it kind of presented itself from my subconscious.

Having faced some fears in my personal life head on using self-care, practicality, and meditation in the previous months and had gotten confirmation that I had overcome a big scary obstacle to my future on the summer solstice; just one day before my New Orleans trip.  This recent catharsis made the trip very joyful and brought me into a place of mindfulness and living in the moment while discovering a place I had never been and just exploring life to it’s fullest. The elements for this sigil came to me in flashes, I knew immediately what it meant and what it was for. I felt that all the magical work I had done over the last couple months to get me through a hard time and face my fears head on was manifesting in imagery appearing in my mind, I sketched it out on a scrap of paper in my hotel room. When I got home I cleaned up the imagery and created this sigil. The energy behind this design is to fill your life with your own core magic and to live mindfully in the present without fear. Being true to yourself creates a powerful psychic shield from negativity surrounding you, therefore it’s a sigil to provide protection and boost personal power. Finding balance and knowing that you’re spiritually protected can make you fearless in the face of obstacles before you. If fear is the mind killer, I’d rather be fearless!
Fearless Coffee Mug

Because of how this sigil was created, breaking down the symbolism of this sigil was more like dream interpretation (or daydream interpretation) as to what the elements of this sigil mean. The symbols came first, and then I looked at the symbolism and said, “Aha, yes, it makes sense to see this here.”

Corvid: The crow or raven in this sigil is a messenger of the dark aspect of the Goddess. Representing battle and the strengthening against strife and injustice, the corvid with wings outstretched support us in both literal and metaphorical battles while guiding us to success. An equal armed cross appears in the center of the corvid as a symbol of magical protection.

Eyes: The eyes on the corvid's wings are the eyes of the dark Goddess watching out for her own and showing us our own strength to face our fears and overcome them with wisdom.

Moon: The moon is a waning crescent moon to banish and clear away fear and previously programmed emotional constructs that are false and no longer serve us.  The moon is emotion and is linked to the element of water and the tides reminding us that we can build power through self-care.

Skull: For me the skull has always been a symbol to remind us of our mortality and the temporary nature of all things. Knowing that everything is temporary gives us power because it reminds us that everything that happens will pass and change is a sign of life.

Pentagram: A symbol of both magical energy and a psychic shield, the elements in balance with spirit above them all. This pentagram also is connected to the wings of the corvid combining the powers of both and has tridents coming from the other three points to oust incoming negative energy.

Circle: The circle envelops the eyes, and the corvid, reminding us our physical body and connection to Spirit combined is the way to personal power. It’s wings extend beyond the circle to symbolize unlimited possibilities.

Line Intersecting the Tail: The line stemming from the crescent moon below the corvids wings that marks where the body ends and the tail begins reminds us that the past is just that, the past. It gives us the power continue moving forward and rid ourselves of past trauma in order to release the fears associated with those experiences. We can then bring the lessons along but leave the destructive energy behind us.

 I hope you find this sigil as empowering as I have. Below I'll drop some examples of where this sigil is used in my shop for anyone interested.

Blessed Be!


Fearless Sigil Hexenspiegel 
A hexenspiegel is a special kind of mirrored charm used in folk magic traditions, the term is German for "witch's mirror." Hexenspiegel charms were sometimes worn as jewelry or displayed as small household mirrors with the belief that the hexenspiegel would reflect away the evil eye, harmful magic, or other bad intentions from others. The common belief was that the malevolent energy once sent would still belong to the sender until you received it, according to folklore a witch's mirror prevents it from being received and therefore the bad juju remains with the sender. It's a pretty neat little charm. Read more about these magic mirrors in my book The Witch's Mirror, The Craft, Lore & Magick of the Looking Glass.

Fearless Tarot Tin

Fearless Oval Tile
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