Monday, March 20, 2017

Blessed Spring Equinox

It's the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara or on your everyday Gregorian calendar, the first day of spring. I woke up to a lovely sunny day and decided to experience the signs of spring around Oak Haven Cottage nestled in our Midwestern small town. Join me, will you, lets see what magic we can find.

Let's step out the door and explore, magic is all around if you just know where to look! I bet you have many or all of these magical plants in your yard too.

I'm delighted to see a bee! They are facing so many challenges, poison in my yard won't be one of them, they can harvest pollen from my dandelions all they want.  Some people just can't stand these wildflowers, but they are edible (if you don't spray with poison) and have many health benefits. Dandelions have magical uses in spellwork as well, they increase psychic ability, are used for calling in helpful spirits, making wishes, protection while sleeping, banishing anger and bitterness, and boosting self expression. Dandelions are associated with Goddesses Hecate, Rhiannon, and Brigid and the God Belenos. Dandelions are aligned with both the sun and the underworld. 

Creeping Charlie is in bloom of course! In old witch's grimoirs it's sometimes referred to as ground ivy or cats foot. Use it for protection against baneful magic, overcoming shyness and anxiety, peaceful sleep and meditation,  also for welcoming friendship, and healing.
The forsythia a traditional Ostara flower was hurt by the freeze a bit, but still beautiful. What would a witch do with forsythia? Spells for optimism, positive state of mind, and healing healing troubled nerves.
I stated aloud, "Blessed Ostara, Spirits of the Land, show me your magic!" And low, I saw a sparkling in the grass! You can't tell by this photo, but it's a lovely little quartz druzy that sparkles in the sunlight! Druzy quartz strengthens the spirit, quells feelings of dread, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Thanks spirits, this is going on my Ostara altar when I bless the hexenspiegel necklaces I'm making today! More on that at the end of this post. *wink, wink!*
The elm tree that I love to look at from my kitchen window is in bloom. Elm is a tree associated with elves and the Goddess, aids powers of concentration,  balance between heart and head, love, protection from lightning, and meditation in the realm of the fae.

This plantain is hanging out at the base of the elm which has dropped blooms on it, but like most yards I have plantain growing everywhere. Considered a common weed by many, witches know it holds magic for healing, squelching gossip, protection, driving away nightmares, and even protection from snakes, (both literal and figurative.) Also a great poultice for insect bites and stings and other skin problems 
I was delighted to spot a little shepherds' purse! This sweet little wildflower packs a magical punch including
magic for a healthy pregnancy, vitality, perseverance,  healing, prosperity, and protection.

I just love tiny Persian speedwell, also known as birds eye dotting the grass, in addition to being just sweet and charming, it's great for spells such as healing or fertility. In folk magic it was sometimes sewn into garments as a charm for protection. Also use it for banishing negativity and baneful spirits.

The honeysuckle by the bird feeders outside my dining room window hasn't bloomed yet, but it's getting lovely, tender spring leaves. Witches use the wood of honeysuckle Honeysuckle, aka woodbine for magic involving love and devotion,. The blossoms for psychic powers, money and prosperity magic. The honeysuckle growing in your yard can be charged to provide magical protection.

Moss is so magical to me, it always has been. Traditionally moss is a mysterious faerie plant, can be used in prosperity magic and magic to bring comfort and peace. I find it even more fascinating since I discovered that microscopic Tardigrades, also known as water bears live in moss. These tiny guys are the most badass creatures, they're so resilient they can survive the most extreme temperatures and can even survive space! Plus, they're adorable, look them up if you haven't seen one. "Hi water bears! I think your awesome!" wave, wave!
That was fun, thanks for joining me. Now that I've enjoyed the world in bloom around me, I have work to do today. Yesterday I made a prototype for a new batch of hexenspiegels and put them on Etsy so that people may pre-order them if they like. These magical witch's mirrors are a beautiful way to banish negativity from your personal space. Since so many people have felt as if they are under a barrage of negativity these days, I thought the Spring Equinox would be a great time to whip up a bunch of these fantastic magical charms that I wrote about in my book The Witch's Mirror.

I might paint the new hexenspiegels out on the porch if the weather holds up, it's a beautiful day and that would fill them with even more joyful energy.

I'm making these lovely magical witch's mirror charms today on the Spring Equinox, I'll be blessing and charging them on my altar later this evening and then I'll start shipping them out to happy Etsy friends who order them. Want me to save you one? Here's where to pre-order yours, get one before they're all gone: Click here!
You can visit the link to read more about the magical hexenspiegel, I have lots of info there and more pics too. If you want to make your own hexenspiegel or learn more about working with mirrors for magic, check out my book The Witch's Mirror.

Blessed Be!