Monday, November 19, 2012

Holly and Ivy Like, Share and Win Giveaway!

We're having a contest from now until Cyber Monday at midnight, some lucky winnter drawn at random will win these beautiful Holly & Ivy ornaments from Voice of the Trees! Click here to enter the contest!
The "Like & Share to Win" promotion! You could win this beautiful set of two ornaments! Simply "like" Voice of the Trees fan page and then publicly share this photo in our "LIKE & SHARE TO WIN" photo album to your FB wall and post that you've shared it in the photo's comments. You may enter as many times as you want, each "share" counts as an entry. A winner will be chosen on midnight CST October 15, 2012. (See promotion terms & conditions for full details.)


Voice of the Trees - Like & Share to Win Promotion Terms

1. The promotion is open to people 18 years or over.

2. The Voice of the Trees "Share to Win" promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

3. Facebook has no association or jurisdiction over the Voice of the Trees promotion.

4. No purchase is necessary

5. To participate in the promotion, entrants must first "like" the Voice of the Trees fan page and then *publicly* share the specified photo from the Voice of the Trees fan page "Like & Share to Win" photo album to their own Facebook profile. To be eligible in the promotion, the winner must still remain a fan of the Voice of the Trees FB page and the Facebook photo public share must still be present and viewable at the time of the selection of a winner.

6. The selection of the "Like & Share to Win" promo shall be made at midnight US Central Time, 
 November 26, 2012 and will be announced on the Voice of the Trees FB fan page wall November 26, 2012.

7. Any entry that is lost, incomplete, fraudulent, inappropriate or offensive, or which otherwise does not comply with these rules, will be disqualified and removed from the promotion.

8. Mickie Mueller Studio reserves the right to delete or take down any posts, links or content deemed inappropriate at any time – no correspondence will be entered into on this matter.

9. The winner must allow Voice of the Trees to name them on our Facebook page.

10. The winner of the promotion will be required to supply Mickie Mueller Studio with their full name, date of birth, details and postal address to be sent privately.

11. All entrants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Mystery Box From A Magical Monk!

Over the weekend a box arrived at my door, a brown box all taped up and when I opened it, I found wonderful surprises inside sent for MK Beckly of Magical Monk Bags! What a glorious way to brighten up the weekend!
Some of the pretties! 

The first thing I pulled out was a gorgeous handmade embroidered bag with a beautiful Triquetra on it and pretty flowering ivy intertwined.  This is a really wonderful bag, the photos just don't tell the story because when you hold it you feel the quality, love and magic that makes it really special!  It's made from tan and purple fabric, and looks just divine! I read in her Etsy shop that her bags are inspired by the same ones used by Thai monks, hence the name Magical Monk Bags.  The strap is super clever, it can be used on the shoulder or across your chest (which I love) and the strap is wide enough that if it's full of books it distributes the weight and won't dig into your shoulder.  I'm really excited, I'm going to carry it to my next Celtic Tree Class at Pathways in St. Louis tomorrow. 
I LOVE my new Triquetra with Ivy Messenger bag!  To read more about Magical Monk Bags and see some of her other beautiful designs click here!

MK has a really talented group of family and friends who are fellow Etsy sellers, and I found some of their lovely wares in the package as well.  There were some beautiful lip balms and a tin of hand balm from In Lulu's Garden.  They are all natural aromatherapy lip balm!  I shared the lip balm with my family, each of my daughters got on, and even Dan chose one to keep next to the bed.  We all had a tough time choosing a favorite, they all smelled wonderful, and they are really top quality!  I love mine it's called "Happy Place!" I could have the same lip balm as Lady Gaga, or Gwen Stefani, Lulu's Garden had her items included in gift bags at the MTV Music awards!  The hand balm will really be nice in the cold months ahead, my hands get so dry in the winter, but now they won't and it smells so good, it just makes me feel happy inside! 
All these awesome lip balms!  I'm tellin you, they are a nice as they look, I really love them!  See all her flavors, click here!

This will keep my hands working hard to make pretties for you all winter!  For more info click here!

I had actually been eying the teas and beautiful decorative tea balls in the Amitea shop, so you can imagine my delight when I found all this yummy tea and a beautiful tea ball with a Tree Goddess on it in that magical box! I have already tried a few, I'm actually sipping the English Rose right now.  I wish my blog had smell-o-vison!  Or taste-o-vision!  Amitea also has a shop called NEWtiques where she makes gorgeous up cycled items.  What a classy and crafty lady!
Holy Cats!  That's a lot of tea!  Let me grap my tea, where to begin?!  Check out all her handcrafted luxury tea and these really cool tea balls, click here!

Last but certainly not least were two oh-so-decadent offerings from Twinkleberry Cottage, another Etsy seller that I've had my eye on!  First of all, when I opened the Snow Queen Body Frosting...Oh wow, it's just beautiful to look at.
Isn't it gorgeous?!

 It's like whipped up pearlescent heaven!  I took a whiff and immediately smoothed some on, oh, it feels as nice as it looks, and smells just like a winter fairy has blessed you with some very special magic just for you!  Her Avalon body butter is equally luscious, the scent is clean and crisp. 
These have already become two of my favorite scents right from the realm of the fae!  Visit her cottage here!

I feel really blessed to have such a sweet and thoughtful friend, and all of these lovely treasures will definitely help to keep the winter blues away in the months to come!  I've included links to these wonderful shops so that if you want to try some of these for yourself or pick up some very special gifts for friends or family this holiday season.  Everything that was in my box was far superior to anything I can get at my local "Corperatemart." When you buy from an Etsy seller or any small business handmade item, you are getting top quality goods made with love instead of chemicals and you're supporting someones dream!  You know where it came from, and the energy is wonderful, you can't get that at any big chain store! 
A beautiful handmade card by Owl & Elk Arts by Cheryl, I'll include a link for this when I find it.  It's a beautiful card, so delicate and clearly made with love!

Bright Blessings!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Llewellyns Spell-A-Day, Doorway Spell

When I got the list of days that I was contracted to write spells for for the 2012 Spell-A Day Almanac, one of the days I received was today, election day.  So I thought about it long and hard, the fact that it's a day when we all get to cast our intentions into the wind, our hopes for the future, and I used that as inspiration for the Door Spell.  You can see the entire spell here and work it today if you like. Click here.
Click here for the full Doorway Spell from the 2012 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac

This spell was originally designed to begin before you leave the house and be completed when you return, but if you're reading this from work or on your smart phone or iPad while waiting in line to vote, you can alter the spell slightly and just decide what you want to manifest in the world now and do the spell in it's entirety this evening, placing the candle near your front door.  I'm a firm believer in reading spells and making them your own, I do it all the time and you can too.  The key symbol in this spell represents your ownership of your own destiny, the color of the red candle your will power in action.  No red candle? Don't worry, remember you can always substitute a white candle for any color candle.  When you etch the key into the candle remember, it's just the symbol of a key, it doesn't have to be artistic to be powerful.
The year is almost over so the 2012 Spell-A-Day is on sale right now for  $2.75, lots of excellent spells by  members of the Llewellyn family of authors, while your there the 2013 issue is out now so you can get a jump start on your magical year!

Think about the world you want to live in, what do you want to manifest?  Remember, you steer your life in the direction you're focusing one so keep aiming towards the door you really want!

While you're thinking of the future, don't forget to vote!

Brightest Blessings!