Saturday, May 30, 2020

Witchcraft Book Review II Herb Magic by Patti Wigington II Book Giveaway...

I planned to post my video review of Patti Wigingtons new book Herb Magic, An Introduction to Magical Herbalism and Spells at 2:00 pm 5/30/20, and I did. Just a couple minutes later while I was sharing it out my daughter Brittany called me to let me know that the SpaceX launch was happening in 5 minutes! Oh my goodness, I was really excited about the launch, but also didn't feel like trying to compete with THAT for eyes! Egads!

So I stopped everything and Dan, my son Tristan and I all watched the launch, we were all silent, Dan and I a little teary-eyed, one of my first memories is watching the moon landing on TV, and Dan did Space Camp several times. Then out of nowhere we heard a song playing, "It's been a long time, getting from there to here..." It was the theme song from Star Trek Enterprise! Tristan looked up from his computer, shit-eating grin on his face, because he had planned the whole thing, and we all busted out laughing! I love my family so much! Then I got a text and apparently my daughter Chelsea had texted "They've gone to plaid!" Which of course is a quote from Mel Brooks classic comedy SpaceBalls!

All my kids really made me smile today, and I got to share the launch with them in different ways. If you're heading over to YouTube to watch it, you're invited to drop by my channel for a witchy book review and you can enter the giveaway while you're there. Bring it back down to earth while we talk about Herb Magic, An Introduction to Magical Herbalism and Spells by Patti Wigington.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Black Salt Recipe- My Secret Method Revealed

I love using black salt for protection magic and there's lots of other uses for it too! I had a bag of black salt my sister gave me from Hawaii and when I ran out I tried to make my own. I tried recipes that used all different kinds of ash but they resulted in a grey colored salt. I used it for magic, but I really wanted to come up with an improvement.

I put together and experience watching my son in law doing some old school mountain man stuff, my experience as an artist,  and my love of working with tree magic and came up with an amazing black salt recipe that make salt black as night, is inexpensive and uses stuff you probably already have around the house, and is so powerful!

I just had to share it with you. I also included 13 great uses for witches black salt, so if you decide to make a batch of your own, you've got some ideas for how to use it in your own wonderful witchcraft.



Saturday, May 2, 2020

Meditation for Self Love on Beltane

Meditation for Self Love on Beltane This guided meditation is the fourth of The Witch’s Meditation Studio Series.

Here's a funny story, I woke up this morning and listened to the meditation that I had uploaded the night before and heard a big ole "sniiiiffff" right in the middle of the video which I had forgotten to edit out! Ohhh that would be jarring to hear if you were trying to meditate! So I re-edited the video and uploaded it again deleting the old one. I lost those views on the video, but it would mean that my viewers would have a much nicer meditation experience, totally worth it. I talked about self compassion and forgiveness in the meditation, so this was an opportunity for me to practice that myself. I'm owning it, but not beating myself up over the mistake. It's fixed and I'm ok with that.

This meditation is a good way to celebrate the sabbat of Beltane, but you may use it any time you need to nurture self love within yourself. Self love is important to being a well balance human, boost your self esteem, and can help point you towards having a happier life. Past generations may have been convinced that self love is not allowed, but we’ve come too far to go back to that old way of thinking, when we treat ourselves properly, we’re better at treating others well also. I’ve created a self love altar for you to gaze at if you wish, or you can close your eyes during this meditation. Included on the altar are a silver bowl filled with moon water, a pink candle and five Star of Bethlehem flowers. English ivy, rose quartz, and selenite towers. The incense is made of roses, I wish you could smell it, it’s divine! I set up this altar space with the intention that the vibrations will enhance your meditation experience whether you choose to gaze at it or not.

I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher and I’ve charged this meditation with Reiki energy to assist you on your journey to open up to self love.