Thursday, January 9, 2020


Guided Meditation to boost your witch powers. Mirror
Meditation 2020 This guided meditation is the second of The Witch’s Meditation
Studio Series. This meditation was inspired by my book The Witch’s Mirror, The
Craft, Lore, and Magick of the Looking Glass. After I finished writing and it went
to my publisher (Llewellyn Worldwide) I was still coming up with more ways to
use mirrors in magic, more methods, and more spells. I presented some of that
information as a workshop for people who attended some of my book signings
called "Expanding the Witch's Power Through Mirror Magic."  Now I decided to share it here on YouTube for
those of you who didn’t get to attend a workshop, or those of you who did, now
you can use this powerful meditation anytime you want!

First find a quiet
place where you will be undisturbed for the length of this meditation. You may
sit comfortably or lay down if you prefer. One of the more obscure tools in a
witch’s bag of tricks is the mysterious mirror. Long considered a portal to
other realms, the mirror has a rich history of magical uses. In this meditation
you’ll use visualization and your reflection to awaken strength, confidence,
and the power that comes from within, not granted by some outside entity, but
rather discovered and unearthed from within yourself.  You may choose to close your eyes, or you may
meditate on the candle flame if you wish.
I have set up an altar space for your meditation.

Included on the altar are representations of power and your
solar plexus chakra. A white candle in the lotus blossom holder is dressed with
my own blended Crown of Success oil, ginger, and a few threads of saffron and
sits on a mirror to double the power. The incense in the cauldron is
sandalwood. Stones both for success and associated with your solar plexus
chakra include tiger eye, citrine, lemon quartz, rutilated quartz. I’ve also
included my self-healing quartz, a stone that broke at sometime during it’s
structure was being formed and then healed itself as it grew. There’s a small
grapevine pentagram, adding abundance that we all need to pursue our dreams. I’ve
included bay leaves for both inner vision and success and high john the conqueror
root for success, power and an extra magical boost.

Whether you choose to meditate gazing at the flame or with
closed eyes, you will benefit from the energy. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher and
I’ve charged this meditation with Reiki energy to assist you on your journey to
open up to your witches power.