Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free Spell for the Spring Equinox/Solar Eclipse/Supermoon Conjunction

It's doesn't usually happen, but this year the spring equinox falls on the same day as a solar eclipse and a new supermoon! Here's some info about the magical energies happening on that day and a free spell to help you use it to transform your life!

Spring Equinox is all about balance, it's one of two days out of the year with the same amount of hours of daytime and nighttime.  Folklore says you can balance an egg on it's end on the Spring Equinox, nope, you really can't, but the magic of balance is in the air on this day that we Witches and Pagans refer to as the Sabbat of Ostara.  Sometimes Ostara is celebrated on the actual day of the Spring Equinox, and some people prefer to celebrate it on the first full moon following the Spring Equinox, you can adjust this spell to fit your preference.
The Goddess Ostara’s (Eostre’s) celebration day can vary from the spring equinox (circa March 21) to the first full moon after the equinox. She is the Anglo-Saxon / Germanic Goddess of new beginnings, fertility, hope and renewal. It is a time of balance between day and night. Her symbols include the hare, colored eggs, spring flowers.  Do you want to light a candle to Ostara too? 

 This year, those days are one in the same, and to top it off, the Ostara new moon is a supermoon, which means the moon is in it's closest point in it's orbit to the earth, making making the magical power of the moon stronger. Not impressed? Need more?  Ok, how about a solar eclipse that begins 15 hours before the moment of the astrological moment of the Spring Equinox?  Ahhh, now astrologically speaking that's a rare occurrence for all three of these events to line up together like that.  You know what this witch is thinking, and I bet your witchiness is thinking the same thing...time to do some serious magic!
My Ostara altar; it includes the new book Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials Ostara  by Kerri Conner, which I illustrated, my God and Goddess statues that I designed for Sacred Source, and my flameless candle wrap and altar cloth set made by my talented mom over at FrogBirdsHouse on Etsy.
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Here's some info about the supermoon and the eclipse:
Here's way more information than you even need about the March 20th Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse:

Ok, so how to plan a spell for this unique celestial event?  Well, many of us won't actually see the total eclipse, it's going over the middle of the ocean and will only be really very visible in a few remote areas but it will be partially visible in parts of Europe, Greenland, Iceland, northern Africa, the Middle East, and northwestern Asia.  So people who don't live in those areas will have to look online to see the show.

Even if we can't see it when it's happening, that doesn't mean we can't harness that energy for magic, just like we do from a new moon that we can't see, but we know is there.. We know that an eclipse happens when the earth, moon, and sun are all in alignment, in a straight line, total balance.  We know that the Spring Equinox is equal daylight and night, that means balance too.  We also know that the moon will be closer to the earth than usual, the celestial body sacred to the Goddess Ostara, Bright Lady of the Spring Equinox.  Sweeeet.  Ok, now that gives us a good idea of how to use these energies to create balance in an area of our life where we really need it!
I love how the flameless candle looks on the altar, it has a timer so I set it to come on as the sun sets every evening.  The embroidered candle wrap and altar cloth have become the centerpieces for all my seasonal altars.   See more here.

Ostara Solar Eclipse and Supermoon Balance Spell 2015

You'll need:
An empty eggshell, poke holes in the top and bottom, puncture the yolk with a toothpick and putting your mouth over one hole, blow the yolk and white together into a bowl.  Rinse it our with tap water and dry.  Never blown out an eggshell? Here's a step by step.

A small slip of paper and a pen

permanent markers or acrylic paint to decorate the egg

herbs of your choice

A place for a small outside fire, a fire pit, chiminea, or even a BBQ grill.

At least the day before the equinox, March 19, prepare your egg as described above, draw the moon on one side of the egg, and draw the sun on the other side.  On the small slip of paper write something that you want to bring balance to in your life.  A few examples could be, "I shall find the correct balance of work and fun, always having enough time to complete my work, and enough time to relax and recharge."  "I shall find a balance between soothing my spirit and eating a healthy diet, learning to eat smarter and exercise while still enjoying relaxing the special treats in moderation."  "I shall bring balance to my financial resources so that I can meet my needs and some of my wants too."
I used gold and silver paint pens for my magical egg, how will you decorate yours?

Roll up that slip of paper and push it inside of one of the holes in the eggshell.  You may add herbs for manifesting wishes inside the eggshell too.  Suggestions include dandelion petals or a bit of dandelion leaf, ginseng, pomegranate, or any herbs that correspond directly to the magical intention you've chosen. You can either charge the egg at the time you create it, or during the actual eclipse, whatever works best for you depending upon where you live and what time it will be during the eclipse.  For instance, I live in Missouri, the American Midwest, so it will be night time here when the eclipse is happening, I'm going to charge mine ahead of time and pre-program it to receive the Solar Eclipse energy.  My friends in the UK might prefer to charge it during the actual eclipse as it's happening. Just do whatever works best for you.

Hold the egg in your hands and looking at the sun drawing, repeat this charm nine times to charge it:

"Solar eclipse soon to show in the sky,
The sun, moon and earth all align,
This egg shall soak up magical power,
From the solar eclipse upon it's hour."

 When you're done, set the egg on your Ostara altar or next to a bouquet of spring flowers with the sun side up.

When the sun sets on March 20, the Spring Equinox new supermoon will rise up in the sky, you might not see it, since it's a new moon, but it's there, feel the power.  When you venture outside in the evening, light a small outside fire, even if it's in your BBQ grill, you can use charcoal or a few pieces of wood.  You may wish to dress your work space with spring flowers, candles, and symbols that you associate with the Spring Equinox,  Prepare in your usual way, grounding and centering, casting the circle, inviting the elements and deities as you usually do.  Bring your egg with you and hold it moon side up, as you feel the power of the new Ostara supermoon.  It has already been charged by the solar eclipse, now charge it by the new supermoon as you repeat this charm nine times:

"Time of balance, powerful moon,
Lady Ostara, I ask this boon,
Balance within this little eggshell,
And manifest this witch's spell."

Feel the eggshell already empowered by the alignment of the solar eclipse now fill with the power of the equinox and the magical new moon.  Cast the egg into the fire,  as you say,

"With harm to none and to the benefit of my greater good, as I will it, so shall it be."

As it burns in this world it's magical energy is transferred into the higher realm where it will manifest. Close your circle as you usually do and make sure the fire is safely out before you go back in.

If you don't have a porch or deck where you can have a small fire, you could have an equinox BBQ at a local park with public grills and quietly perform your ritual there at dusk.  If that doesn't work, you can certainly just bury your egg.

Over the next several days to the next months ahead pay extra close attention, you will receive inspirations, signs, and will discover new ways of doing things in your life that will bring balance to the situation that you placed inside the magic eggshell.

If you're looking for  more ideas for your Ostara celebration, I got ideas for my Ostara altar from Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials Ostara  by Kerri Conner, she has lots of great spells, recipes, folklore, and more in this sweet little book.  Her writing gave me lots of good inspiration for the illustrations I did, I think you'll find it inspiring too!
May you find balance and joy this spring, may all the seeds you plant grow into blessings in your life and the lives around you!

Blessed Be,


Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Firestarters

With many of us still having "fireplace days" and the weather soon to warm up so we can start having outdoor fun around our bonfires and chimineas, I thought you might be interested in these easy DIY fire-starters, made out of stuff you would probably throw away anyhow.  They make a great addition to your kindling to get that fire going.

Start saving up those toilet paper tubes, these are so easy, and they actually look kind of pretty, so they'll be nice even if you have guests over.  I have mine sitting on the hearth of my fireplace.  Without further adieu, here's how to make them.
All you need is dryer lint, empty toilet paper tubes, and leftover tissue paper.
Every time you empty your lint screen from your dryer, shove it into a toilet paper roll.  I just put my TP tubes in the laundry room so they're right there. 
Start saving up those TP rolls, by the time it's warm enough to have fires outside, you'll have loads!  Dryer lint is extremely flammable, so these will really flame up.  But, they look kind of's my solution to that.
Don't toss that leftover tissue paper from gift bags!
Cut the sheets of tissue into quarters and roll the lint filled TP rolls up in the tissue paper.
Twist the ends like a piece of candy or a British Christmas cracker! 
If you want to, you could tie them off using a bit of raffia, leftover yarn, cotton kite string,  I just left mine twisted, but it's up to you, just make sure whatever you use is natural and will burn and not melt.
Taa-daa! A couple of these mixed in with your kindling will help get your fire started whether in the fireplace or outside, man, I'm ready for some bonfires, come on spring!

I hope you enjoyed these fun and easy DIY fire starters, give them a try!

Blessed Be!