Thursday, September 8, 2011

Visualize Whirled Peas, *ahem* World Peace Actually

I've decided the meditate on World Peace for at least 15 minutes every day for thirty days.
How did all this all start?  Well, it all started with Barbara Moore, author of many Tarot decks and books including the upcoming Steampunk Tarot.  She posted the following video on Facebook and challenged her friends to try something new for thirty days as well.  I thought the idea was intriguing.  Here is the video...

So earlier this week I had signed up for a Reiki newsletter. For those who don't know, Reiki is a energy healing technique in which the practitioner channels universal life force healing energy through their hands to heal mind, body and spirit.  I've been a Reiki Master/Teacher for years now and I thought it would be a good way to keep up to date on all the new Reiki stuff out there.  Shortly after I read Barbara's post, I checked my email and the newsletter was there, I had found my new thing to do for thirty days! William Lee Rand of the International Reiki Center has had these really cool Reiki crystal grids made and has placed them all over the world, even at the north and south poles.  He has taken photos of them when they were placed, and created downloadable cards that you can print out. 
Some of the World Peace Grid cards I printed, front and back.

The idea is that if loads of people meditate on the cards each person become part of the World Peace Grid.  What a cool idea! By simply opening to their energy, you’ll become a channel for love and peace which will flow through you to all the people on Earth. To do this, hold the cards in your hands or place them in front of you. Then simply meditate on peace.   The cards are also supposed to create peace in the environment they are located in and healing within you when you meditate with them.  Bonus!  Send good things into the world, good things come back.

The inscription on the grids read:
"May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths
work together to create peace among all people on earth."

All of the cards fronts, with the Triple Goddess looking on.  I'm going to go meditate now.
So I decided, why not?  I need to be meditating anyway, so I decided to start using the cards for at least a 15 minute meditation every day.  I printed them out, they're really pretty!  If any one else is interested, it's a free download, so far there have been nearly 250,000 downloads of the World Peace Cards.

Here's the link to download the cards and print your own set and join me.

Additional World Peace Cards


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