Saturday, October 29, 2022

Protection Spell For Your Home, Railroad Spike Ward

I recently made a railroad spike protection charm for my house and I'm making some for my Etsy shop, I wanted to show you how I made these and added layers of magick every step of the way. 

This railroad spike was locally sourced from railway that was replacing spikes as part of maintenance, it is very old, You'll notice some rust and pitting, this is very desirable in railroad spikes used for magick. It's made from an alloy of mostly iron with a little carbon added forstrength. This protection ward is handmade by me, filled with intention, blessed and enchanted in layers as I worked on it, it's a spell in physical form, fully enchanted and ready for use.

To drive away evil, I've added a bat nut/devils’ pod that's anointed with my own protection oil blend made just for these wards. It’s been attached using natural red cord tied in square knots while focusing on protection energy. The ends of the cord are capped with a bit of red ochre inside, red ochre is used in some of the oldest magick on earth for protection and blessing, An eye charm to keep a watchful gaze on your household and a key charm to open the way for helpful opportunities and lock harmful energy out. I’ve added a cork back to protect the wall and behind the cork is a matrix of protective magickal herbs. The red cord ties in the back to make a little hanger.

 You may display it on a nail, over or near your front door, or in any room in your home that you feel guided to place it. It can also rest on your altar during protection spells. If you feel it needs to be recharged at any point you can anoint it with a very small amount of any protection oil such as olive oil, clove, or frankincense and set it outside under the full moon to bless it.

I hope you enjoy the video!