Tuesday, December 31, 2019

GUIDED MEDITATION, NEW YEARS 2020, Release the Old and Welcome New Begin...

 I wrote this meditation to help you let go of
2019 and move forward into 2020, but you can use it anytime that you’re
crossing over an important threshold in your life. This guided meditation is
the first of The Witch’s Meditation Studio Series. I’m honored to have you join
me today. First find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the length
of this meditation. You may sit comfortably or lay down if you prefer. In this
meditation we will go on a journey where you will be able to overcome, and release
that which doesn’t serve you. Then you will be cleansed with healing energy,
regain your power, and possibly receive guidance as you shift out of old
patterns and embrace new beginnings. You may choose to close your eyes, or you
may meditate on the candle flame if you wish.

have set up an altar space for your meditation. On the left side of the altar
there are representations of where you’ve been; a milkweed pod holds holly
berries to represent challenges, a witches burr and black tourmaline stand as
guardians to protect your energy. Frankincense incense burns for blessings and
to raise vibrations. A white candle in a cauldron for regeneration, the candle
is dressed with sage and lavender for clearing away negative energy and
bestowing blessings of wisdom and protection. A shell of moon water in the
center of the altar with a crystal in it is for purification. A grapevine star
represents the balance of the elements, above it is a Pecos diamond, a stone
for helping you through difficult times. On the right side is a birds nest
representing promise, hope and renewal and selenite to assist you in your
spiritual work through this meditation. There are bird feathers on both sides
to bring in messages from Spirit. Whether you choose to meditate gazing at the flame
or with closed eyes, you will benefit from the energy. I’m a Reiki
Master/Teacher and I’ve charged this meditation with Reiki energy to assist you
on your quest.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

SIMPLE WINTER SOLSTICE Ritual and Free Printable Sigil

The winter solstice is a magical moment in time. I have a
really easy ritual for you, it doesn’t have to be a big ritual to be powerful,
this one is nice for seasoned witches who are just really busy (or injured like
I am.) or it’s a great practice for a beginner witch. The days have been
getting shorter and shorter but on the night of the winter solstice the sun
sets as early as it ever does and we have the longest night of the year. When
the sun rises after the longest night, we face the morning with hope in our
hearts because even though we may have colder days ahead, we will start to
notice the days becoming slowly longer again. This is a celebration of one of
the mysteries of witchcraft: even in the dark and cold, life finds a way. It’s
a perfect time to set intentions.

Blessed Yule!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Everyday Witch Tarot Walkthrough

This beautiful deck was gifted to me by V of V, Love and Crystals and I was so happy with it that I just had to do a walkthrough.

Created by author Deborah Blake and illustrator Elisabeth Alba, this is such a magical and witchy deck and they've really created a whole magical world. You don't have to take my word for it, check out the video and you'll see why I just had to take a break from our busiest time of the year to show you this enchanting tarot deck.