Thursday, July 21, 2022

How to Make a Hexenspiegel for Protection, What Is Mirror Magic

What is mirror magic? Well, I’m the witch who literally wrote the book on that! The Witch's Mirror by Mickie Mueller

There are so many different kinds of mirror magic; divination, reversal spells, duplication, mirror traps, but one of my favorites is creating a mirror magick shield, it’s not hard to do and you can enchant one to protect your energy in these challenging times! You can charge any small mirror as a Hexenspiegel, transforming it into an amulet that can be used for personal or home protection.

 Hexenspiegel!   Sounds kinda baddass, and it is, but it literally means “witch’s mirror” in German.  It’s a specific kind of witch’s mirror. It’s usually a mirrored pendant, pin, or other kind of jewelry that is worn or carried with you, or it can displayed in the home to shield the user from the evil eye and all forms of negative energy.  It’s generally a preventative that you can put in place to prevent intrusive or harmful magic, the evil eye, or hateful intentions.The hexenspiegel not only repels harm, but sends any negative energy sent to you right back to the attacker so this is a little tiny mirror with some pretty serious magic.

Think of it like this, if a person offers you a gift and you decline, the ownership of that gift remains with the person who intended to give it to you. The same is true with in the case of harmful energy, which occasionally comes in the form of an actual purposeful curse but more often than not is just unintentionally sent from people who are just not in a good place themselves and radiate generally crappy energy in your direction.

 The hexenspiegel does set off warning bells to energetic attackers, ok, not literal bells, basically they’ll get a feeling that they are better off to just leave you alone to begin with or be on their best behavior around you. This is something that they’ll only notice on a subconsiouls level., but If they don’t heed the warning, and then they go ahead and send their malicious intentions your way the hexenspiegel simply says, “thanks, but no thanks” letting any sender of ill intentions remain the owner, they keep their own nasty gift. It doesn’t multiply the energy or add to it, but it keeps it from getting through to you so that it remains with the sender. The hexenspiegel is an automatic kind of magic, create it, place it and forget it, it keeps on doing its job without any further attention from you.

 There are a few online sellers that sell pre-enchanted hexenspiegels, but they’re not always easy to find. I sometimes make a batch for my Etsy shop and I’ve included a step by step of how I make my version of a hexenspiegle necklaces at the end of the video below.

 Even if you can’t find any pre-enchanted ones, don’t worry because any small mirror can be enchanted and turned into a hexenspiegel,  If you want a hexenspiegel, you can find both actual antiques and reproductions of fancy decorative mirror pins and pendants in many styles and at pretty much any price point. Try checking your local second-hand store, I know lots of people worry about second hand mirrors, but we’re witches and we have skills to solve such problems should they arise.

Clear Mirror Energy

Brew up a tea out of clearing and cleansing herbs, chamomile, peppermint, rosemary, sage, fennel, lavender, bay, strain well and add it to some white vinegar, about ½ and 1/2 , now you have a mirror purifier that you can use along with your intention to reset any mirrors energy and clear out anything left over from the previous owner. You can also cleanse a mirror with purifying smoke of your choice like frankincense, sandalwood, bay, or sage, or if it’s small enough bury it in salt for a few days.

If you can’t find mirror jewelry locally, just try a quick search online, there are many out there. Some mirror pendants are even inside a locket or a sliding cover. Yes, the magick still works even if covered.. Another great mirror to make into a hexenspiegel is a small compact mirror you can keep in your purse, with a little luck; you might even find one with a magical symbol on it. There are also small mirrors meant for to be keep in wallets, some of those are acrylic mirrors, and yes, they will still work.

Some people like to enchant a hexenspiegel for their home, protecting not only themselves, but their family, property, and even home business from harm. It can be a fancy sun catcher that’s on display or a simple small mirror craft tile that’s hidden in the corner of a window facing out, be creative, you’ll never know what you might find. You can also find small mirror jewelry components at your local craft store so you could make a necklace, earrings, suncatcher, or even a charm bracelet in your own style and even include stones for magical protection to boost your hexenspiegel such as moonstone, tiger eye, black tourmaline, or labradorite. You could even add special charms such as an animal energy you like to work with or a personal sigil, or symbol of your patron deity to make it even more personal.

You can turn any small mirror into a hexenspiegel. I have two versions of the hexenspiegle spell, one is in my book The Witch’s Mirror, a simpler version is in the download of The Witch’s MirrorBook of Shadows pages that I have in my Etsy shop which has a lot of additional mirror spells that I came up with after I wrote my book. I’ll leave the links for both below. 

The one I’m showing you today is a bit of a combination of both of those spells. You see, you don’t have to do things exactly as they are written in a book, or exactly the same way you did it last time. As long as you have good valid reasons for your methods and they make sense to you personally it will work.


First purify your new mirror in any manner you wish. Next make a hexenspiegel mirror wash. Mirror washes simultaneously physically cleanse and magically program your mirror.  Here’s my formula for a hexenspiegel wash, these are protective herbs that would have been found in and around the cottage of the witches of Germany and Austria that could easily be crafted into a method for empowering an amulet of this kind. Brew an infusion using hot water and any of the following: rosemary, marjoram, holly leaves or berries, rowan, mullien, nettle, agrimony. Once the brew cools, strain it through a coffee filter or cloth and mix equal parts of the brew with white vinegar. Wipe the wash over the surface of the mirror and wipe it dry. Next light a white candle and hold the hexenspiegel in your left hand, trace a pentagram in the air over it and push it in with your right hand. Now whisper into your cupped hands three times

“Hexenspiegle now I name you,

My protector now I claim you,

Serve this witch as my noble guard,

From all attacks, their access barred.

Decline and keep curses at bay,

All nasty arrows shine away.”

Leave it next to the candle until the candle burns down completely. You can bury any remaining wax on your property or simply state that the spell is complete and throw it away.

If you want to see this spell in action, check out this video, There's lots more info on hexenspiegels in this video too and I'll even show you how to hand craft your own!