Saturday, April 9, 2022

House Cleansing Ritual and Witch's Floor Wash

Dan and I had the house to ourselves this week so we did spring cleaning and I decided to do a spiritual cleanse too. There are lots of ways to do this, I thought I would bring you along to show you how I did it in a video. I’ll also share how I made a house cleansing and protection floor wash!

My kid and boyfriend went on a trip this week so I took the opportunity to get things in order here at home. I really love how it feels when everything is relatively neat…and while I’m not the kind of person who needs everything perfect, you can really tell when a home is spiritually cleansed. Yeah, I’ll always have some clutter around, but there’s nothing like that feeling when everything is re-organized a bit, dusted, vacuumed and spiritually cleansed and blessed!

That’s a ritual that I don’t preform all the time, sometimes I’ll do a quick smoke cleanse or ring bells around the house, or just play some house cleansing music just for magickal maintenance but a few times a year I like to do a big deep clean of everything and follow it up with a full cleansing ritual.

You can usually tell when your room or home needs it. I sometimes notice that when the energy of the house is off people get cranky and out of sorts more easily. Sometimes little things like several lightbulbs going one after the other, lots of things breaking, clogging, or a long streak of nightmares can be a sign that you might need to do a house cleansing ritual.  It’s nothing to freak out about, sometimes unwanted energy collects and gets stagnant, just like dust or cat fur, nothing to worry about and an easy fix. You might also feel more tired than usual when you’re home even to the point of feeling stuck. When it’s hard to pry yourself out the door to run errands and then you find yourself coming up with any excuse not to go back home, it’s probably time to cleanse.  

A house cleansing ritual doesn’t have to be too formal and you don’t have to do it exactly the same way every time, I certainly don’t. I like to change it up, do things in a different order, add extra steps, or leave some out as the mood strikes me or depending on what supplies I have on hand. It’s your house and your space, so you don’t have to do anything other than how you feel inspired to do it. The way I did last time isn’t exactly the same as how I’m doing it in this video and it probably won’t be the same next time I do it either. I’ll show you how I’m doing it this time and that’ll include some tried and true methods for doing a house cleansing ritual and you can adjust them to fit your space, lifestyle, and supplies.

And yes, because I’m a practical witch we’re going to do it all with supplies that I already have around the house! The first thing I did was a short meditation for grounding and centering to get my head in the right space, being grateful and positive is the energy you’ll want to radiate while doing a house cleansing ritual. Some people even like to do a ritual bath before they start, it’s really whatever practice speaks to your soul. So let’s get started on getting the vibe right in my house!

While I do go through the house sweeping as part of my house cleansing ritual, the gritty work of mundane sweeping usually falls to Dan who frankly, does a really good job of getting every square inch clean, much better than I usually do. When caring for a household we all should play to our strengths! In some traditions spiritual sweeping should be done from one direction to another. Some go east to west but that can be complicated depending on where your doors are situated. Some people sweep

There are other methods that I didn’t show here, for instance, I don’t have carpet, but if you do, you might want to make up some carpet powder. I used to mix salt, baking soda, and finely ground rosemary for a basic powder, but you can add herbs for any magickal purpose. Sprinkle onto your carpet and allow the powder a few minutes to absorb unwanted energy and vacuum it up with intention. You might want to follow up your cleansing ritual by warding your home to seal in all that good energy you worked so hard on and seal out any astral nasties that might be passing by your home.