Friday, September 9, 2011

Sandalwood and Smelly Socks-World Peace Meditation Challenge: Day 2,

I challenged myself to thirty days of meditation using the Reiki World Peace Cards yesterday.  Click here for the original post explaining this challenge. 

Day One, Yesterday:
I started the challenge last night, and I have to say working with the Reiki crystal grid cards on day one was really powerful.  I plumped up the pillows on my bed, lit some saffron incense and hit the relaxing wind chime sound effects button on my alarm clock and laid out the cards in front of me.  I gazed at the cards for a bit, then I drew the Reiki symbols one by one over the cards.  I placed my wrists on my knees so my open palms were over the cards and I sent Reiki to the grid.  I could see them all in my head, so I closed my eyes.  I reached a meditative state and saw my usual purple swirls of energy.  At one point during the meditation I could actually feel the metal of the grids, it was really cool, my hands were vibrating with energy, and I had visions of the grids pulsing and rippling energy outward.  Wow!  I was impressed.  I felt very relaxed and balanced when I was done and propped the cards up on a shelf in my bedroom.

Day Two, Today:
I had a pretty good day, felt pretty relaxed and happy and got a lot of things done.  This evening I set out to repeat my meditation, closed my bedroom door, set everything up as before and focused.  I closed my eyes and it went something like this,  " peace, world I smell socks?  Someone left socks on the floor.  It's not my feet, I had sandals on today...definitely socks.  Focus, world peace, world peace...Sandalwood, I like sandalwood, but maybe I should go back to the saffron...sandalwood and socks, hmmmm.  Focus, world peace, world peace, crystal grid, I'm sitting too far from my pillow, scoot myself back, sit up straight, better.  It's Soma's birthday today, wish we could have made the party, but I'd hate to pass Dans cold on to anyone...Focus, world peace, crystal grid, I see the North Pole and South Pole grids bringing energy to the world, poles, poles, did I set the pole cards up differently than yesterday? Reverse the poles?  Reverse Polarity?
Cue the music in my head:
"A tired mind become a shape shifter,
Everybody need a mood lifter,
Everybody need reverse polarity. Everybody got mixed feelings
About the function and the form.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm."
No, no, lyrics from Vital Signs by Rush are not good for focusing on meditation!  Focus, focus, world peace, crystal grid, Gods, this bra is really digging in, maybe I should loose the bra..."

So yeah,  one amazing meditation experience, one not so much.  What's the lesson here?  I believe that it's this; the thing you're trying to do but you're having trouble, that's what you need to do more of.  The more you do it, the better you'll get at it.  I used to be really good at dropping into a meditative state with ease, but I'm a bit out of practice, so it's good that I'm doing this.  I gathered up my cards, held them in my hands and quietly send Reiki energy to them.  It's all good.  Anyone who does Reiki could do it that way and it will work just as well as meditating through it.  I really want to do the meditating because I know it's good for my peace of mind and well-being as well as the rippling out effect.  \So tomorrow, I'll be back at it again.


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