Friday, March 27, 2020

How to Make Protection Charms to Ward Your Home

I’ll share my secrets on how to make protection charms to ward your home and yourself. These are my top 8 methods that I personally use in my home. Mix and match, these easy protection spells, most of these ideas are made with what you have around the house and several of them are great warding and protection techniques for those of you who are new to witchcraft, seekers, and even those still in the broom closet. These simple bits of magic and intention are so easy and if done with intention can bring magical protection into your life!

Be Your Magic!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Ostara Celebration, Candle Spell and Sigil 2020

Spring Equinox Spell to Bloom
into Yourself

You can
do this spell anytime on or even a few days before or after the spring equinox,
3/20,2020. Add extra energy by doing it at sunrise or at noon.

the Ostara sigil to a glass jar candle holder and put the candle in it. Place
the candle next to a fireproof vessel. Light the candle and take a few minutes
to ground and center, find your peace.

some time to think about or meditate on the beliefs you hold that limit you.
What do you carry that feels uncomfortable, heavy, or oppressive? If it feels
heavy, it’s not yours, it’s messages that others have placed on you that are
not in alignment with your true self. Those beliefs might have served to
protect you in a time when you needed them, like the hard shell of a seed
beneath the earth. When that seed is nurtured with the water of true emotions
and the light of the sun shines down truth through the dark soil, the seed
pushes through that hard shell and can grow into exactly what it was meant to
be. No seed was meant to be just a seed, it was meant to grow, feel the sun,
feel the breeze, and blossom beautifully, and so are you!

down the limiting beliefs that are your hard shell. Ask yourself where these
beliefs came from and recognize that they are not yours. After you’ve examined
each one, read them out loud, and after each belief that you’ve identified
state, “This is not my belief” and do this with each belief on the list. It’s
ok if you only have one or a couple. Light the list from the candle and allow
it to burn and fall away as ashes without judgement into the fireproof dish as
you release yourself from those false obligations and ideas that are not yours.

Now you
must ask yourself, what do you want to replace those beliefs with? How do you
want to see yourself, what would bring more balance to your life? Write those
down on a separate slip of paper. Read each one aloud and after each truth that
you have chosen for yourself state, “This is my truth, this is my own.”  Hold that list to your heart and as you do
gaze at the candle flame as you imaging the soft rain falling upon a garden
bed, the warm sun shining upon it and speak this affirmation:

is here, and I stand in balance, blooming into my truth. I push my way through
the husk of limiting beliefs, moving forward into rebirth, rejuvenation, and
renewal. I am the seed, I am the sprout, I am the stem, I am the leaf, I am the
bud, I am the blossom.“

the list near or under the candle and let it burn down. Now bury the list in
some soil, it can be a potted plant in your home, or in a park, or you can
plant it along with seeds or a plant when you put your spring garden in. May
you bloom into your authentic self, free and authentically you!

spell is featured on my YouTube Channel, There is a link there for a free download of
printable petition sheets and candle label  to go with this spell if you’re interested, although
you can use any paper you like.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Free Printable Ostara Cupcake Wraps

So many people are staying home and practicing social distancing right now to help prevent the spread of COVID 19/ Coronavirus, and we're doing it too over here at the Mickie Mueller Studio. We know lots of you guys have kids, and even if you don't... it's Ostara/Spring Equinox and maybe something a little fun would help to alleviate the stress a bit.
Free Download to to brighten your Spring Equinox during the Coronavirus crisis. We can still celebrate!  

I have a little Equinox gift for you guys! Here's a link so that you can grab the printable files for my Spring Equinox/Ostara printable cupcake wraps! I usually sell these in my Etsy shop but I wanted to offer this to everyone to brighten up your day during these super weird times.  There's step by step instructions with photos and even an easy cupcake hack that you can use if you have a cake mix hiding in the back of the cupboard. If not, I'll share a couple classic cake recipes that won't use up your eggs, milk, and other items that you're trying to hang on to for as long as you can. I hope these printables bring a little sunshine to your Spring Equinox.

Download the FREE printables here:

Check out this recipe over at 
Also known as Wacky Cake & Depression Cake – No Eggs, Milk or Butter. Super moist and delicious. Go-to recipe for egg/dairy allergies. Great activity to do with kids. Recipe dates back to the Great Depression. Darn good cupcakes!

This one is from  it's called Water Cake! Do you like tasty cakes but light and fluffy? We present this delicious water cake recipe, it’s easy to prepare, economic and has excellent presentation! I'm sure this recipe could work as cupcakes.

With Blessings of Safety, Happiness, and Good Health to you and yours!


OH!! Keep an eye on my YouTube channel tomorrow, I'm sharing an Ostara spell for you too with more free printables!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Did We Find a Witch Bottle?! How to Make One for Protection

We might have discovered a witch bottle in our back yard!

Dan and I were doing some yard work a few days ago since the sun was out and it was a gorgeous day. Our house is over 100 years old and near the back of the property every spring Dan goes back to pick up whatever broken glass he can find. When the ground freezes and thaws over the winter it pushes up glass, bottle caps, and other items to the surface. Dan found quite a bit of glass, among the glass he found was a weird little bottle full of dirt and residue of some kind.

The lid was gone and we have some evidence that it was probably either rubber or cork and likely rotted away, but there were a couple items inside, and one of them in particular was pretty standard in old traditional witch bottles! A couple of the pieces of glass were the bottoms of bottles so I was able to do a bit of research online and have figured that much of the glass in the back of the yard is probably early 1920's, to 1940's-50's. We live in a small town, back when this house was built it was still pretty rural, so it's possible that some of the Ozark witchcraft and folk magic traditions were still in practice at the time.

I decided to do a video to share it with you guys. I’ll also show you how to make your own witch bottle for protection.  A witch bottle is a traditional method for home protection that goes back centuries, these have been found in archaeological digs in America and Europe. It’s a traditional folk magic protection spell that’s easy enough for beginners and uses simple ingredients. The witch bottle was specifically used to ward against baneful magic.

Did we really find a witch bottle? I’ll tell you my thoughts and walk you through step-by-step while I make one.

I hope you enjoy it!

Be Your Magic!