Friday, September 16, 2011

Fairy Friday: Lisa Hunt's Fairy Tale Tarot

Happy Fairy Friday Readers!

I'm here to share the fairy love!  I have long been a fan of fairy tales, I love the old "original" versions of Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm. (they don't call him Grimm for no reason you know) 
My copy of The Fairy Tale Tarot

Magical stories, cautionary tales, dream inspired, morality tales, I love them all.  I have also long been a fan of the beautiful watercolor art of renowned Tarot artist and writer Lisa Hunt, who I am also proud to call my friend.  So when I learned that she was working on The Fairy Tale Tarot, I was simply over the moon!  I ran to get my copy in 2009 shortly after it came out.
I love the Fairy godmother card representing the traditional Empress, one of my favorites!
This is a simply stunning and magical deck. Lisa's obvious reverence for the childhood stories is reflected in the work, it's so full of spirit. I love her wonderful eye for detail. Her fairy tale world is lush and ornate with bejeweled maidens, roots and vines that twist like scroll work, light and shadow reflecting the very soul of the classic fairy tales they represent. Every detail is a delight, down to every last tiny pebble, secret spider web or myriad of hidden faces in the background. Her mastery of the medium of watercolor is so apparent when examining her rendering of water, sky, and land and her amazing ability to create glowing light upon paper.

When I got my copy, I was at work and my boss and I plopped right down onto the floor and did a reading.  It is a lovely deck to work with, and I find that the fairy tale messages really speak to your inner self, these are stories that live within us at very deep levels.  I also was so moved by Lisa's portrayal of the stories within her art.  Each piece skillfully created has as many details, layers and hidden messages as the original stories do. 

For me, as someone who grew up deeply loving fairy tales, another great thing about this deck is the book.  Lisa has really done her research and brings tales of other cultures to explore, so there are all new fairy tales to tickle your imagination!

I know you will enjoy this deck as much as I have.  Every time I use it, it's a new journey into realms of imagination and a treat for my inner child. 

If you would like your own copy of The Fairy Tale Tarot,
Visit Lisa Hunt's The Fairy Tale Tarot
Visit Lisa Hunts website for more of her beautiful art
Follow Lisa's blog

Also, watch for her Ghosts and Spirits Tarot coming soon from US Games, I can wait to get my hands on this one!  Update: It's amazing, here's the link:
Have a great weekend!


  1. The images are so very dreamy. I love the soft, ethereal colors. Thanks for sharing this deck!

  2. Thank you so much Mickie! What a lovely surprise. xo


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