Saturday, May 25, 2019

5 Witch Tips and Tricks Other than Sage to Clear Negativity

Is a big smoking sage bundle your go-to method for clearing the
bad vibes out of your house? I have a few other methods that you can add to
your witch’s tool box! Here are some easy options for the new or advanced Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Mystic, or anyone who wants to clear the air and get
their vibes right!  I'll even show you how I make my own energy clearing room spray, and it smells wonderful!

Are you ready to take control of your space Join me and let's clear out the negativity together!

Blessed Be!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Real Witch Reacts to Victoria Beckham’s Spa Moon Water

When fashion designer Victoria Beckham shared that she was
drinking moon water during her week at a spa in Germany, and saw a few
reactions, I had a few things I wanted to say of the subject, so of course, I
took to YouTube. If you can’t afford fancy spa water “bottled on full moon day directly at the source of Bad
Leonhardspfunzen, Stephanskirchen.” No worries, this witch will tell you how to
make your own and I even have a fancy label for your own witch’s full moon

The full moon resonates
with magical energies of the divine feminine (and that’s the feminine aspect of
everyone; guys, gals, all genders included!) The full moon beams healing energy
and can clear the chakras and boost the life force of anyone who is open to it.

most traditions of magic water is ruled the moon, after all the moon is the
reason for the ocean’s tides, it’s pull is very strong on the element of water.
Up to 60% of the human body is composed of water, so magically speaking the
moon can have a very healing effect on our mind, body, and spirit. Water
absorbs energy very easily, so you can fill your water with blessings and
intentions before drinking it just by directing your thoughts into the bottle.

Masaru Emoto found interesting results from his experiments that showed ice
crystals formations that differed depending on the energies that they were
treated with.

people who work with magic bless their own bottles of water under the full moon
to fill it with the strong lunar energy. I have a bottle of it myself. It’s
purifying energy is often used to cleanse crystals, bless personal sacred
spaces and tools, and many people drink it or cook with it to summon up a bit
of kitchen witchery.  I personally like to add a bit of my blessed moon
water to tap water to elevate it’s vibrations if I need extra energy, if I’m
doing tarot readings, or if I’m breaking out any big magic.

who doesn’t want to buy moon water can make their own quite easily. Simply
bottle your own water or use bottle spring water and pour it into a glass
bottle with a good lid. Take it outside the night of the full moon and bless it
using your own words. Leave it in the moonlight for at least an hour so that it
fills up with that magical silvery light! Keep it in a dark place until you
want to use it. Keeping track of the astrological sign that the moon is in when
you bottle and bless it can add an extra layer of magic to your moon water

Blessed Be!

Mickie Mueller

Monday, May 6, 2019

Green Man Money Jar Spell

I've wanted to do it for awhile, and I finally did it~ I'm on YouTube! This is my second video, I'm trying to manage posting every Saturday, but this one ended up being posted on Monday. My first one was a Beltane Beauty spell, you can find it on my channel. I did this video without my glasses, the reflection of the light in my lenses was a bit of a distraction. I'm shooting right now with my iPhone clipped to a floor lamp and a small selfie light up in my studio and editing in iMovie on my phone. It's not a very professional setup, but I'm not unhappy with the results. I need to get a better light. For sure. My son Tristan suggested that I get a copy of Premiere Elements for my computer, he can teach me since he has Premiere and is an editing wiz himself. So we'll see. Maybe you'll be able to watch my videos improve with time.

About the Spell

Green Man is the joyous laughing Spirit of the green woods: Here's a really easy spell to help you attract the energies of this spirit of growth and abundance to help you open up to limitless abundance and bring more money into your life. This spell was inspired by my article “The Green Man: Spirit of Abundance” published in Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac.
I wanted to make this a spell that anyone could do with stuff they probably had around the house. That being said, feel free to add other items associated with prosperity and money drawing to your Green Man Money Jar if you wish.
When I write spells, I really don't mind a bit if people want to change it around, make additions or substitutions, in fact, I encourage it. Magic and spell work should be a creative endeavor so I think it's perfectly wonderful if people want to take a spell and add their own twist to it.
Feel free to make changes as you wish to this spell, I always change stuff to suit my needs. Enjoy it and make it your own!

If you go to my YouTube channel you'll find a link to download the Green Man jar label seen in this video to color and add to your own spell!

I hope you have fun with this one, more to come in the future.

If you liked this spell and want to see me make more videos like this, please like and subscribe on YouTube. If you decide to post a photo of your awesome Green Man Money Jar on social media, please tag me, I'm delighted to see how yours turns out! I'm @mickiemueller on every platform.

Blessed Be!