Saturday, February 29, 2020

Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn Book Review || Witch’s Studio Book Nook Series

Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn book review, part of the Witch’s Studio Book Nook Series.

Yes, it’s a beautiful book, but the beauty of this witchcraft book is more than skin deep. It makes my witch aesthetic happy but it’s full of wisdom and insight for both the beginner and seasoned witch. It includes lots of exercises for psychic developments, spells, magick, and it's one of my fave new witchcraft books. You guys need this in your life!

This book is a luminous guide to embracing your inner power and
unlocking your true psychic and magickal abilities. This book is a treasure
trove of wisdom for the Witch and psychic alike as Auryn shines a light on the
connection between psychic and magical powers. He offers these practices with experience,
knowledge, and understanding in a straightforward conversational voice that
makes it a gratifying journey full of revelations. Building on the teachings of
masters in their fields and his own extensive experience Auryn clarifies what
should be obscure concepts in a concise manner and skillfully guides the reader
through the maze of the subconscious mind applying it as a tool for manifestation.
 Auryn mentors both the seasoned and
novice mystics through cleverly designed exercises that encourage the seeker
with techniques to develop their psychic skills as an aid to their own unique magickal
expression.  Psychic Witch reveals deep insights
for the modern Witch who wants to elevate their practice and unlock their own inner
magickal powerhouse.

Check out my video review and I'll flip through some of the book so you can see a bit more.

Join me for a cup of tea and lets talk about this book!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Lemon and Salt Uncrossing Spell With Simple Ingredients

Uncrossing and Hex Breaking
What does it mean to be under a crossed condition and how do
you uncross yourself? Being crossed means that you’re surrounded by some
baneful energies that seem to be stopping your success and throwing a monkey
wrench into your everyday life. We need to remember that not everything that
appears to be unfortunate means that we’re crossed. Sometimes an event that
seems bad at the time turns out to be good later on, like the person who’s
alarm clock didn’t work so they were running late, but as a result missed being
involved in a big accident on the highway. One or two negative experiences in
life doesn’t necessarily add up to being hexed, but if your having lots of unexplained
things happen in a row and it has your witch senses on high alert, it might be
a good idea to do some quick divination work to determine if you are under a crossed

All kinds of situations can lead to a crossed condition, the
first one that everyone thinks of is a hex cast by someone with a grudge. That
can and does happen, but more often we see crossed conditions as a result of
random people sending hate without realizing that they’re doing it. The evil
eye can also cause a crossed condition. The evil eye is a kind of hex cast when
someone glaring upon you with purposeful hate and jealousy. Another way to end
up in a crossed condition is to cross yourself. That’s right, you can
definitely cross yourself up, it can happen to anyone, I’ve done it myself. If
you’ve been dwelling on the negative or focusing on a doom and gloom mindset
those energies can accumulate, weighing you down and causing chaos around you.   An uncrossing spell removes the effects of
what might be a hex. You don’t have to know for sure that you’re hexed to use
one of these spells. If it is a hex, an uncrossing spell will send the hex
boomeranging back to the sender, if there wasn’t a specific hex, the energies
of the crossed condition will simply dissipate.

Lemon and Salt Uncrossing Spell
This is my go-to spell with things get wonky. If I end up
with a weird run of crazy bad luck, you’ll see me at the grocery store with a
few lemons and a new box of salt in my cart. This one is a simple spell that
uses only a couple ingredients to break up the power of baneful magic, heavy
energy, or even the evil eye.
You’ll need:
About 1 cup of salt
One lemon.

A cutting board, small plate, and a sharp knife.

You'll find the whole spell here in my video:

Cut the ends off the lemon far enough into the fruit that
you can see inside the peel to the actual fruit and dispose of the ends. Cut
the lemon into five wagon wheels. Sprinkle the plate with about ¼ of the salt
and arrange the lemon slices in a circle on the plate. Trace a pentagram shape
in the air over the top of the lemon using the center of each slice as a point
on the pentagram.

Visualize the baneful energy all around you, within your
aura, and in every corner of your home and life as you hold your hands over the
plate of lemon slices about two feet above it. Move your hands down towards the
lemon over and over creating a tide of energy to pull down any energy crossing
you to be captured in the lemon, as you do chant the following incantation
until you feel that all the negativity has been pulled in:

“All sour energies you can’t resist
Your hold over me shall now untwist
Drawn to this lemon like moth to a flame
Bound here by my will, trapped and lame.”

When you feel that you have pulled in all the negativity
within the lemon begin pouring the salt over the tops of the lemon slices and
seal it with the following incantation:

“I am uncrossed! I am uncrossed!
I seal you in with blessed salt!
No escape for you foul energy,
As this lemon dries up so I am free!”

Place the plate somewhere that it will be undisturbed and
allow the lemon to dry in the salt. Check it occasionally, it won’t hurt to
lift up a slice and peer underneath to see how it’s going. If the lemon dries
out then you’re work is finished and you can dispose of the contents of the
plate into a brown bag and toss it in your outside trash can on trash day. If
you see mold or mildew on your lemon then dispose of it and repeat the spell
with a new lemon and try using extra salt. Do not compost this spell, all that
salt won’t do your garden any good. It’s a good idea to follow this spell up
with some protection magic of your choice to ward against future hexes or

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Top 13 Quick Money Magic Tips, Easy Spells for Beginners, Simple Ingredi...

Top 13 Quick Money Magic Tips, these are easy
spells for beginners with simple ingredients, and seasoned witches can works
these little micro spells into their every day witchcraft. These little folk
magic money magic tips are ways that you can constantly send messages to the
universe and create a mindset that you’re open to abundance coming to you. All
these spells are great for a witch on a budget too. These simple bits of magic
and intention are so easy and if done with intention can bring luck for
prosperity into your life! I’ve included money soap, ways to harness money
energy of banks and successful businesses, a moon spell, how to grow a money
drawing plant, quick witchy tips to use before a job interview or asking for a raise,
I even have a quick lottery spell. I hope you guys enjoy these. 

I hope you enjoy it!



Saturday, February 1, 2020

Imbolc House Blessing Ritual, Easy Ritual for Beginners, Simple Ingredients

Wow! I hav en't showed my mug on YouTube in a bit! I've been nursing my back but I was really happy to be feeling well enough to get this video done for Imbolc!

This is the Imbolc house blessing ritual is easy for beginners with simple ingredients.  I’ve been doing this one every year for 20+ years and I added my Imbolc sigil as a free download (download the file from the description on YouTube) and decided to share it with all of you. It’s super easy so it’s a great ritual for beginners, but it’s also a lovely practice for seasoned witches and pagans. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Imbolc, you’ll love this one. It just takes a candle for every room in your house and your intention. I have included the sigil, some easy kitchen witch herbs, incense, and if you ordered my Imbolc flamecasks this year you can include one in this ritual, but you don’t have to, it’s just an option.
You can use the free sigil (for personal use only) for this ritual or feel free to include it in your own ritual or spell. If you’re a flamekeeper for the Goddess Brigid this sigil would make a nice label for you flamekeeping shifts as well, or add it to your Grimoire/Book of Shadows.

We shot the beautiful candles in the snow a couple weeks ago. I couldn't bendo over, So Dan arranged them as per my direction, then I put my phone on a selfie stick and held it upside down to get the shots. it was real teamwork. I'm sure our neighbors weren't quite sure what to think of us!

My son even got into the act, he's got a good sense of humor so I always know I can count on him for some shenanigans.

I hope you enjoy it!

Blessed Imbolc,