Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crimson Wings: Fairy Dude Warrior is Done!

At long last!  It's not like the actual working time took me this long, he just kept sitting there unfinished glaring at me from the old wooden art table, but I finished him up last night, and I must say now that he's done, grrrowll.

Close up detail

Some people might think fairy folk are all goodness and light, but this guy may beg to differ. If you cut down the wrong tree or insult the Good People of the forest, well if he's around you don't want to do any of those things. If you are a friend to the fairy races however, this fae warrior print will be a great defender to you, your property and family. You'll love having this guy to watch your back as he graces your home with protective energy!  This piece will also be part of the Enchanted Visions Project.

Here he is in full view.
I'm so happy to have gotten him finished, adding the tattoos and more detail really brought him to life.  He's in our Etsy shop now as both open edition and limited numbered prints, so you can bring him home to your house anytime you want to!  Watch for indoor/outdoor flags, coffee mugs, oval tiles, candle sconces and more!



  1. He is absolutely awesome, Mickie! I'm almost tempted to step on a toadstool just so he can scold me...

    Did I really just say that? ;)


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