Thursday, September 22, 2011

ACEO Cards From the Archives

Sometimes I forget how long I've been doing this, seriously a very very long time. 

We had decided that we needed a new mattress and I wanted to do it before I go to full time Professional Bohemian and part time home office worker.  That big change in my life will happen exactly at the Celtic New year, that's right Oct. 31 is when the office I work at will close, although the business will remain but running lean and mean, with a small office in the city and most of our work done on our laptops.  My boss has decided that she wants to keep me on part time working from home so I'll still have a suplimentary income and lots more time for my art career.  It's pretty exciting, especially now that I'm starting on the Mystical Cats Tarot with teamie Lunaea Weatherstone
"Love Spell" an unpublished spec illustration from years ago that I hand colored last night!

So Dan and I decided that any upgrades we needed at home better happen now while I still have that full time check rolling in, and our mattress had big dips in it where our bodies go, not so nice.  In the process of getting our new mattress, I pulled a couple of those flat plastic tubs from under my bed that store tons of old memorabilia in from days of yore...yep, yore.  You know, the old days when I used to make promotional art for local rock bands, and my early forays into my current path of spiritual art.  I really had fun going through it, so many memories.  I kept about half of it, pitching duplicate flyers, notes that didn't mean anything anymore, etc.  Some of what I found as I dug through were some original pieces that I had created for different reasons, circa 1997-99.  I have some small full color art I had made to use for various promotional pieces back when I was Mickie Hodges, before Dan and I got married.  I also had a few small pen and ink line art samples that I had made as spec pieces to show as examples of my work from 1999.  At the time I was stretching my fledgling wings and sending samples to magazine and book publishers looking for illustration jobs. 
All the ACEO cards made from "lost art!"
I almost put these little gems back in the box to go back into storage until the next time I took a trip down memory lane...almost.  Then it occurred to me, these were pretty darned cool and they were just hidden away.  Someone might really enjoy having these little drawings.  Then I realized that they were almost the right size for ACEO cards.  Inspiration had struck!  I measured them and I was right.  I trimmed them down ever so slightly, three full color pieces, and three pen and inks.  I decided that I would add color to the pen and ink ones, and I must say, it was really fun and I love the results.
Pen and ink unpublished original illustrations, hand colored all one of a kind.
Promotional pieces, used to promote my art business long ago, also unpublished, one of a kind!

So there you have it, I have 6 new ACEO cards to offer, each one a little history from the Old Wooden Art Table that you can own if you're so inclined.  Three unpublished spec illustrations hand inked in 1999 and hand colored with watercolor and colored pencil in 2011.  Three colored pencil drawings created in 1997 as promo pieces for my business.  All six are one of a kind.  I just posted them in our Etsy shop I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

For a closer look at these unique one of a kind cards click here:

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