Sunday, July 11, 2021

How To Prevent Nightmares with a Lavender Wand Spell

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Lots of people have. I'll show you how to prevent nightmares with a lavender wand spell. You can turn this Victorian craft into a witch craft and take charge of your bedtime ritual. Weave a talisman with me using lavender, ribbon and crystals filled with your intention and use it to cast a protective circle around your bed while you sleep. This simple nighttime ritual works great for bad dreams, nightmares, night terrors, insomnia, and can protect you from psychic attack and may even help with sleep paralysis while asleep too.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: 7 stems of fresh lavender (or any odd number) Ribbon ¼ inch thick, 2 yards long Scissors Spoon toothpick Small crystals of your choice for sleep/protection, I used amethyst and black tourmaline, but you can also use quartz, moonstone, labradorite, lapis lazuli, selenite, charoite, prehenite, smokey quartz, lepidolite

All the instructions for creating an enchanted lavender wand and adding a circle casting to your nighttime routine are in the video! Enjoy!

Be Your Magick!