Monday, September 21, 2020

Autumn Equinox Ritual for Balance and Self Care

Today I'm sharing an Autumn Equinox ritual for balance and self care,
this is the Sabbat also known as Mabon. 

OMG's you guys, I appeared in part of the video with no makeup on, this is part of my shadow work, facing my face with nothing on my face! LOL I never go out without makeup even if I'm running to the store. Although these days, half of my face is covered in a mask anyway! But yeah, this was a real challenge to me and very vulnerable, but also kind of empowering too.

I performed a simple self care ritual
for bringing more balance into my life and I thought you might like to use my
ritual as inspiration for your own. We all need to bring balance into our
lives, now more than ever. What areas in your life needs some care? Is your
work-life balance out of whack, too much time on social media or watching the
news? Maybe you’re trying to balance your health in ways that are safe and that
you love. Whatever you need to bring balance to, this ritual is a good jumping
off place. I also embraced my authenticity, washed away inhibitions about
communicating my true will, and worked on releasing influences, agreements,
trans generational influences and dissolving energy cords. What a great Autumn
Equinox practice, I might have to start doing this one every year.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!