Saturday, May 29, 2021

Witchy Home Decor, DIY Palmistry Hands Witchy Crafts

I've had a weird creepy hand in my studio for a couple years and I finally got around to turning it into a palmistry hand and then I made two more! I love adding witchy stuff to my decor because I weave magick into every area of my life. I'm not super experienced at palmistry, when I was in a coven ages ago we did a couple "Palm Sunday's" where we would analyze each others palms while reading out of a book to determine what all those lines, bumps, and stuff meant. Our hands are with us all the time and according to palmistry they're also a roadmap to be deciphered.
Palmistry Hand Copyright Mickie Mueller 2021

Palmistry hands are a cool witchy aesthetic trend, but it can also be a tool for learning a new skill for your witches tool box! Sure you can buy one, but if you make your own you can put your own energy into it and learn about those symbols by purposely drawing them on yourself.

If you love witchy crafts, this one is for you! I made three of these hands, one from a store display hand and two that I cast from plaster myself, I'll show you how I made them step-by-step! Also included in the video description on YouTube is a free download of a printable Palmistry Guide with the symbols and lines to use as a reference so you can make your own palmistry hand too and make sure it's accurate.

I hope you join me in my studio where I'll show you that it's easier than you think to make something beautiful and magickal for your home.

Be Your Magick!