Friday, July 15, 2016

Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac Giveaway

Whoo-hoo! I just got my author copies of the Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac! I had the honor of writing the "Crafty Crafts segments of this really cool almanac, so it's giveaway time!!!
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2. Repost this photo (above) on Instagram. 3.Tag#SabbatsAlmanacGiveaway and@mickiemueller That's all you have to do and you'll be entered into the drawing on Friday July 22! Make sure you complete all three requirements for your entries to be counted. 

More info about this awesome almanac and a couple sneak on...

These are really fun crafts, I made them all to make sure I had the directions correct, I hope you enjoy them! This art is by Carolyn Vibbert.

This almanac runs from Samhain 2016-Mabon 2017. It was so cool to flip through the pages and see the illustrations that Wen Hsu did for my articles, she really nailed them perfectly! I've always admired her work. I illustrate a lot of articles and books for other authors, so it's really cool to be on the other side of that, I must tell you, they really are beautiful! Carolyn Vibbert created the other interior illustrations and the clever cover art is by Ellen Lawson. I've got two books, but I only need one...I think it's time for a celebratory giveaway!
One of Wen Hsu's awesome illustrations for my articles, this one is for the Samhain article! "Magic Divination Witch Bottle"  I think this illustration is my fave!
This essential guide offers fun and fresh ways to celebrate the eight sacred holidays. Enrich your spiritual life throughout the year and discover powerful wisdom and ideas from a wealth of popular this is a great guide with fun and fresh ways to celebrate the sabbats, more than 50 articles for both new and experienced witches, great ideas on marking the sacred points of the wheel of the year with great contributors:

"Sand Cast Crystal Grid Candle Holder" the illustration and the actual crystal grid project that I made!
The almanac includes creative, low-cost arts and crafts projects that I wrote just for you. There are also ideas for celebrating the sabbats as a family, simple recipes for delicious appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts. There are super helpful section on astrological influences with full and new moon rituals as well as extended rituals for groups and individuals. There are handy journal pages for keeping track of your festival plans and memories, and fascinating Pagan folklore and customs too!
My "Harvest Abundance Braid" and "Wheat Pentagram Wall Hanging" with my actual Abundance Braid in the background!

If you want to enter to win, click HERE and follow the easy instructions on the Instagram post!
Good luck!

Just in case you don't win but want a copy so that you can use my crafts and all the other great sabbat ideas too, here are links where you can get your own copy:
Or shop at your local bookstore, check Indiebound for sellers near you: 
Blessed Be!