Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Squirrels Gone Wild

I haven't been very bloggie lately, I've been super swamped at my old wooden art table, working on writing my Celtic Tree Calendar series of classes and art for Mystical Cats Tarot.  But here I am, back to it!  I thought I would drop in today and share a little bit of silliness.

The amazing pole-dancing squirrel!
While I'm working away, I've really been enjoying seeing the birds that come to visit our feeders this spring.  We have a great variety of them.  Our feeders aren't fancy, just plain plastic feeders, the biggest one hangs in the oak, and a smaller one hangs on a shepherds hook near the window.  The cats love to sit at the window and watch them.  I also have a couple of squirrels that like to come around.  Now, I have nothing personal against squirrels, I think they're kinda cool, but they are way too big for these feeders and I'm afraid they'll break them.  Plus they knock all the seed out of the feeder because they're so clumsy when they're trying to get to the food.  A couple of years ago I got so aggravated with them getting at the bird feeder that I decided to hang one of those corn cob feeders on the tree for the squirrels in hopes they would leave the bird feeders alone.  The squirrels proceeded to pull off all the corn, toss it on the ground and left it there and went right back to the bird feeders. 

You can't tell by the photo, but the squirrel was actually slooowly sliding down the pole while eating the birdseed!

This year they are at it again.  Yesterday I captured some  shots of this pole-dancing squirrel going after my small feeder.  They really are fun to watch and pretty amazing.  Dan and laughed our butts off watching this show, squirrels behaving badly. 

I had to stand back from the window so I didn't scare it off, and of course the screen is in the way, but I thought you might enjoy the acrobatics.  This morning I tried a trick that worked to keep my cats from scratching up the legs of my my wooden rocking chair, I wrapped clear box tape sticky side out around the pole.  Either they won't like it and it will keep them off the pole, or it will help them grab it better and they'll give me the big thumbs up!  When they return, I'll be sure to take note of their reactions!


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