Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peaceful Art Jewelry Designs: An Interview With Mickie

I recently did an interview for the month of March with the sweet ladies over at Peaceful Art Jewelry Designs.  They really do a great job, they asked really great questions, and they really dress up the page with fancy versions of the art.  You can tell they put their whole heart into their artist interviews, and I was honored to be asked to share some personal insights for the month of March on their website.  They have lots of other great interviews from the past as well. 

Did I always want to be an artist?  What does my family do on St. Patrick's Day? Where would I like to live to be inspired every day?  What else inspires me?  Find out here:

In other news, the wind in blowing like mad out there, I have had my coffee and I'm getting ready to head out the door for a fun day with Dans grandma (and mine) Miss Mar-Mar!  We're just going shopping and then to dinner later.  Mar is one cool lady, if she weren't family, we would still be friends.  I just hope we don't blow over in the strong winds!

Well, dashing out the door!


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