Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celtic Ash Moon, and Solar Flares Equal Magical Bonus Today!

We are currently in the Celtic month of the ash tree Feb 18-March 17 according to Robert Graves Celtic Tree Calendar, and tonight is the Full Ash Moon. 
The Ash month is the perfect time to work magic to help put your plans into action! The ash tree has energies that are all about transformation and action, and is great for breaking through barriers that block your way to success.  Breaking inertia takes strong action, according to physics an object at rest tends to remain at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. The month of the ash is the time to move from rest into action.  Harnessing ash tree energy this full moon can help you face a challenging situation in order to transform you and help you forge a new reality!
The Ash Card from Voice of the Trees, Lugh sharpening his spear and about to take action!  This print is available in The Official Voice of the Trees Etsy shop Click here

Ash Moon, Ash Sun

Today is a very special day in regards to the Celtic Tree Calendar, lets examine a couple of things.  First of all, the Celtic Tree Calendar is a lunar calendar that revolves around the 13 moons of the year, today is the full ash moon.  Ash is also associated with the sun, the Celtic sun God Lugh was said to carry a magical spear called Millar, which was made of the wood of the ash tree. It was said that no battle could be sustained against it or against the man who held it. One of Lugh’s titles was Lugh of the Long Arm, possibly suggesting the spear as part of him.

So what makes today any different than any other Full Ash Moon?  Large solar flares erupted on the sun this Tuesday and are due to deliver waves of solar plasma and charged particles very close to our planet today, on the day of the full ash moon.  If you live near the poles you may see brighter and more active auroras as the particles hit the earths magnetic field. 

What does this mean magically?  Well, if you want to work some magic using ash tree energy, this is a powerful time to do it that we may never see again in our lifetime! 
Creating my Ash Tree Sun and Moon Power Amulet this morning. 

Ash Tree Sun and Moon Power Amulet

I wrote this spell for creating this solar charged ash amulet specifically for today, but you can do it anytime, ideally during the ash month, but today during the solar flares and on the full ash moon, this spell will rock!  You'll need a twig from an ash tree, a gold or yellow candle and a white candle.  Using a wood burner if you have it, otherwise use a gold pen, or a black permanent marker, put the ogham symbol for ash in the center of the twig, put the astrological symbol for the sun above, and the moon below.  Take the twig outside and pace it where the sunlight will fall upon it, even if it's cloudy where you are, the sun will still shine through the clouds.  Hold your hands above it and summon the energy with these words,

"Solar rays, I call your power
Charge this amulet by the hour,
Geomagnetic energy
Fill this amulet for me,
The energies of the mighty ash
Glowing moon and solar flash
Empower this amulet of craft
As I seal now, my spell is cast."

Leave it in the sun all day and under the full moon all night.  You now have a very powerful amulet full of the special energies of the day, the power of ash, the sun, the moon and the geomagnetic energies of the earth.  Use this amulet can now give a powerful boost to any spell that needs extra umph.  You can also keep it near your front door and use it to magically protect your space, near your bed to ward off nightmares, or in your car for safe travel.  Ash is the Swiss army knife of the Celtic trees.  Carry it in your pocket for protection from negative energy.
Ash is used for spells involving taking action, healing, protection from psychic attack, destroying negativity, banishing nightmares, solar magic, communication, intellect,  safe travel over water, transition, growth, creativity, and success.
Here's a closeup of the one I made, it's sitting outside collecting energy now, I used a wood burner for the ogham, and both a permanent marker and gold paint pen for the sun and moon designs.

More information on working with tree energies is available in my Celtic Tree Calendar Online Classes, click here for more info

Satellites and Communications
Be aware that today we may also have minor disruptions, solar radiation storms can sometimes interrupt  communications and power grids on Earth, and we might see some interfere with satellites today.  Of course power grid operators have been alerted and are watching for any potential problems.  If you're planning a flight today over one of the poles, there may be communication problems, but again, the aircraft operators have already taken precautionary measures.  Any disruptions should be minor, if they happen at all, but the potential for a big boost for any sun magic done today is very good!

Happy Ash Moon!


  1. Wonderful post! Happy Ash Moon to you as well!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, to you as well, it was a beautiful moon!

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