Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Fairies Dancing on a Ribbon

Today is St. Patrick's Day, or Celtic Heritage Day if you prefer, either way, there's magic in the air at the old wooden art table, magic of the Faerie variety!
Rowan Fairy magical amulet, for magical protection faerie style! Available in our Etsy Shop, click here.

Many of you have seen my Celtic Tree Fairy series, four Fae spirits that align with the energies of four of the Celtic trees of the Ogham.  I chose these four because they contain the energies of the four kinds of magic that many people seek when doing spellwork, healing, prosperity, love, and protection.  Dan and I have made this series into prints, mugs, totes and many other pretty items, and we had so much fun dancing in the fairy ring that I had forgotten my original inspiration for the designs of these charming tree fae spirits, I envisioned them as pendants that you could wear.
All four amulets in my fairy garden. Available in the Mickie Mueller Studio Etsy Shop, Click here

Well, a local gal who I love to see at Pagan Picnic every year, Rusty, dropped me a note on my Facebook page and requested that those fairies be turned into mother of pearl amulets!  It was a total "ah-ha" moment, and I was really grateful that she reminded me, that was the original plan all along.  So I broke out my original black and white sketches for the magical fae friends, darkened up the lines and filled in the colors to match the color pieces I created.  Then I scanned them and Dan and I pressed them onto some of our mother of pearl amulets.  I have to say, the shimmery surface of the Mother of Pearl really looks great with the fairy art!

Oak Fairy amulet, to bring prosperity and abundance, can you see how it shimmers?  Available in our Etsy shop, click here

These amulets each include a silver jump ring, and look great on a satin cord or leather thong of your choice. We print the image using dye sublimation ink right in our studio and then heat press it onto the surface of these specially coated shells, the iridescence is lovely on this amulet can be seen through the art as well as the background making a stunning and powerful piece. Shell pieces vary slightly in thickness, color and shimmer, just as Mother Nature intended. If you think they look pretty in these pictures, they will exceed your expectations when you see one in person!
Heather fairy, opens your heart to invite love into your life, heals a broken heart, and awakens compassion.  Available in our etsy shop, click here

Do you know the magical properties of Mother of Pearl? Mother of Pearl gets its name from the fact that it comes from a shell where pearls can grow. Its metaphysical properties include healing, prosperity, intuition, psychic sensitivity, powers of creativity, inspiration and manifestation. Mother of Pearl is also protective and has the ability to transmute negative energy and can also be used to purify environments including your own energy system when worn as jewelry. In addition, it's used in metaphysics to access ancestral and primordial memories. All of these properties make it a very powerful material for creating magical amulets and perfect for fairy magic!
They looked so pretty sitting amongst the speedwell that's blooming in my garden right now.
I hope you enjoy seeing these pendants as much as we enjoyed making them.



  1. Well, I love all the things you do but these are just too wonderful!!


  2. Oh thanks so much! We put a lot of love into everything we do! :o)


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