Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Bird Told Me...

Merry Meet Friends!

I've been writing for Llewellyns periodicals for quite a few years now, and I'm holding in my hand, the new Llewellyn's 2011 Magical Almanac. I love when it arrives, I always pour over it, and this year I was pleased to see my article mentioned on the back cover. In this issue I have an article about the art of ornithomancy, or reading omens and signs from the appearances and actions of birds. Many cultures all over the world consider our feathered friends messengers of the Gods and consider their council very wise indeed. In the article, I discuss a little history on the topic, but mostly practical information like what each kind of bird means when you see them, the significance of birds color, actions and even included a little spell that allows you to ask a question from your local bird population.

(Cover art by Tammy Shane/Langley Creative)

I also had the honor to illustrate several of the articles in the Almanac, my own included. It's always fun when they send me a stack of articles and I get to read them and pull ideas out of the text to illustrate for each one. It's a really good almanac they put out, perfect for anyone who enjoys working with the cycles of nature and the power of the natural elements. It has tons of great articles by some of the best Llewellyn authors. It also includes a reference in the middle featuring world holidays, festivals, moon phases, astrological info and even daily color and incense correspondences.

For those of you who are interested, I just looked at their website and Llewellyn has last years Magical Almanac on sale right now for only 2.75, which is a steal for all those great articles. That one also contains many of my illustrations, and two of my articles "The Mysteries of Rhiannon," and "As Above, So Below" where I discuss manifesting and glamoury.

I've been working away on my contributions for the 2012 Magical Almanac, Witches Companion, and Spell-A-Day Almanacs, gotta get those deadlines met. And of course, I have edits for the companion book for my new deck Voice of the Trees also, but it'll be all worth it. The best part about hard work is the feeling of accomplishment when you're done!

Fare Thee Well!

My article and illustration in the 2012 Magical Almanac

Another page, I love how they did the layout!


  1. what amazing art! I'm definatly going to have to find this book! Normally I can only get my hands on the herbal almanac.

  2. Oh, yeah, isn't the Herbal Almanac great?


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