Monday, August 30, 2010

Celtic Heather Fairy Update: Finished!

Well, dears, it was a busy weekend, but I still managed to get the finishing touches done on the Heather Fairy! I'm really happy with this one, the hair was a blast to do, I used a cicada wing as inspiration for her wings. I had a dream last night that I was trying to re-invent myself, and there was a fairy on my shoulder whispering in my ear, it was pretty cool!

Here she is..."drumroll paaaa-lease!"


  1. She's beautiful! So, so pretty. Anyway, I was just calling in to say thanks for following my blog, especially since by doing so you led me here! I'd come across your Etsy page before so I already knew how lovely your work was, but didn't realise you had a blog. I shall be returning!

    p.s Just to let you know, there's no actual link to this page on the profile that pops up when you click your follower avatar, I only found it cause you left a comment. I had the same problem myself once and had to go into my settings to fix it (as far as I remember.) Thought I should tell you 'cause people are probably missing out on this lovely blog!

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  3. oops, Mom, I just signed in as you and left a comment for you! *LOL* I'm such a dork anyways, I was going to say:
    Roisin, Thank you for posting about her follower avatar! I'm her blog guru so I fixed it for her!! :)
    Momma, love your new fairy! I think I might need a print for Olivia's room. She is VERY into fairies right now. I have one of those Wallies wallpaper fairies above her light switch and every time she wakes up in the morning and after a nap, we have to stop so she can touch the light switch fairy!

  4. Thanks so much Roisin, You're a lifesaver, and thanks Brittany too, you are my blog guru!

  5. Ahhh -- she turned out gorgeous! I especially love what you did with her wings!


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