Friday, January 23, 2015

Potions Made of Awesome From Twinkleberry Cottage

I really was excited when I got a package of goodies from my friend Lore of Twinkleberry Cottage on my old wooden art table...

 It was just what I needed to brighten my winter.  My skin gets so dry and her products just soak right in without being greasy so it's perfect while I'm doing art or writing and they smell like pure magic!  I find that having nice things like fancy lotions, scents, ways to pamper yourself a bit really are helpful she you're trying to count calories, points, fat, etc. it's a way to treat yourself that's not food.  I will say her products are really delish for your soul!

When I popped open the box all these fantastic bits and bobs of magical goodness were inside!
Here are a few more of her sweet birds nests...pretty!
I was delighted by this sweet little birds nest ornament, Lore is so talented! I couldn't  bring myself to pack it in with the Yule ornaments, so instead it's going to be a permanent decoration in my studio. 
I wish my blog had smell-o-vision!  Imagine enchantment whirling over a snow bank in a fairy glen...that's what it smells like!

I'm totally addicted to Twinkleberrys Fairy Frosting!  It's such a lovely fluffy cream, it's got just the perfect but of shimmer, soft iridescence not girlie glitter, it's perfect for this grown up fairy! It's a nice treat, I've got several different scents, Water Sprite, Tatiana, and this Snow Queen that she sent is just decadent! Love!

She also included some of her new goats milk lotion, oh wow, that's really nice, silky smooth.  I'm carrying the little bottle of Summerlands lotion in my purse. It's nice to have a little "happy" on the go.
I love getting samples of such nice fancies!
These wax tarts are new,  She sent me some sample packs, her actual products are those nice little squares that you break off. 

Magical Melt Wax Tarts by Twinkleberry Cottage. Scent: Magick Moonspice, Mickie tested, Mickie approved! 
I'm really loving these. I have a wax melt warmer that I love, but I kind of forgot about it and hadn't used it in awhile. I moved it into my living room recently and picked up a pack of dollar store wax melts, and then these nice Twinkleberry ones arrived and I immediately scraped out the dollar store stuff and put one her her lovely ones in.  There's nothing nicer than handmade products full of love!
Almost melted, Magick Moonspice,  makin' my house smell wonderful!
Awwww, Dan was so happy, prezzies for him!
Even Dan felt special when I handed him a little bag of goodies! Oh Wow! She has dude scents too!! All I ever have in the house is my lady scented lotions, so Dan was pretty excited with her new Huntsman Collection! He loved them all, right now he's going back and forth between Alchemy and Steampunk Nights. Mmmmmmm Steampunk Nights! 

If you would like to drop in at Twinkleberry Cottage and see what she's brewing up, here's where to find my friend Lore and her amazing magical goods:

Her stuff is all handmade and she's actually brewing up some fresh new magic even as I'm writing this, so if you don't see what you're looking for, keep checking back as she adds new items... trust me, her lovely handcrafted products are worth it, I'll never go to Bath & Bodyworks again!

Also follow her on Facebook to see when she's got some new wonderful invention to pamper your magical spirit:

Blessed Be!
Mickie Mueller 

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