Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sun Catcher Magic, Enhancing Moods In Winter

In the winter months it helps to keep the curtains open so that as much sunlight as possible can come in, it's warming and it can benefit people that suffer from seasonal depression to have the curtains and blinds open.  The view out the window in summer time is full of colors of life, greens of the grass and trees and the colorful flowers blooming everywhere. Winter however can look pretty barren, snowfall is beautiful and can brighten some people's mood but after snow has been on the ground too long under overcast skies it can become a bleak view.

Even when there's no snow, for many people the barren browns and grays of winter can really put a strain on their mood and leave your spirit feeling as dingy as a gray winter sky.  One way to break up that dull winter view is with a little color therapy.
Our sun catchers measure a generous 6.375"x 8.875" and includes a suction cup hanger. You can also thread a line through the drilled hole to hang if you prefer. The edges are a smooth polished bevel, so they're safe to handle.  Heather Faerie Sun Catcher is available here.

Using images that are uplifting, brightly colored, and spiritual on sun catchers in those dreary winter windows can break up the monotony of the winter view and brighten your outlook.
My dining nook really comes to life with all these sun catchers, magical and full of color, since there isn't much color outside. From left to right, Ivy Card from Voice of the Trees, Triple Goddess, Greenman, Lunar Eclipse Goddess.

Vibrant purples, lush greens, warm yellows,  reds, and soul soothing blues draw in the sparse sunlight of winter and transform into a glowing reminder of life and spirit.  The sunlight infused artwork of our sun catchers becomes alive with light.
Faerie magic to add the green to my view that I miss so much in the winter time, these tow magical spirits of nature are kept company by my witch ball. Heather Faerie Sun Catcher & Tatiana's New Dress Sun Catcher.

Gods and Goddesses of nature, faeries from the warm green woods, beings filled with magic give you a positive focus through your window, blessing your view with positive energy.

I love the idea of being watched over by Green Man and the Moon Goddess over the winter months, they glow with even the low sunlight of December.

Mystical Cats from a distant land play in your sunbeams and offer illuminated lessons of the tarot cards that they represent.
The Mystical Cats Tarot images look cheerful in my studio, and all cats love to be in windows!  From left to right, The Priestess, The World, and The Lovers.

Sun catchers are an excellent way to brighten up an otherwise dreary view and become a constant reminder that with patience, life will once again make itself known as the wheel of the year turns.  If you decide to make one of our lovely art sun catchers part of your winter view, don't hesitate.  The supplier where we get our frosted glass ovals that we make into sun catchers is temporarily out of stock, we're not sure when more will become available, so our current quantities are limited.  We'll get more as soon as they are available, so if you can't find the art you want on a sun catcher now, be sure to check back.
Four of Fire (wands) from Mystical Cats Tarot, I love this one because the cats are playing with a sun catcher too. 

What window do you look out of the most in your house? Which one do you think needs a sun catcher to cheer up your day?

Mickie Mueller

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