Friday, December 5, 2014

Live Shenanigans Friday, Fog and Goulash

Happening at my house, live and un-edited, this is the real deal.  I just went around the house and took photos of what's going on even as we speak.

It's really foggy today, it's been so dark out all day it's hard to believe the sun is up there at all.  My daughter Brittany Sherman, her husband PJ and their little ones are coming out this weekend so PJ can use the barn to do some work on his car.  Dan and I grabbed the Yule tree out of the barn this morning, since the kids are coming, they can help decorate. I'll be seeing them again for Yule here on the weekend of the 21st, so we'll get all the decorations out this weekend and they'll have fun putting all that out and decorating the gingerbread house.   I'm working on making some of my decorated pens of art that people ordered from our Etsy shop right now.  The house smells like Hungarian goulash since Dan and I made up a giant batch in our roaster this morning.  Dan and I are playing old episodes of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime while I craft pens and he works on the computer.  It's a rainy, cold, and darksome day, but we're cozy and warm.

I love to have a few candles going when it's dreary out, it brightens everything a bit.

The maple and the Four Trees Oak are visible, but the trees in the distance are obscured by fog today.  There was a squirrel sitting on the post nearby, but he wasn't there long enough to snap a shot.  Probably off to gather more hickory nuts. 

I'm making pens today, three Triple Goddess Pens and one Hecate's Key Pen.  Soon they'll be done and I'll have to cure them in the oven, paint, and varnish.

We plugged in the lights to make sure they still worked. The branches are still all bent out of shape, I need to straighten them up so we can decorate this weekend.  Watching Downton Abbey, relaxing and easy to have as background noise while we work because we've already seen these episodes.  Boxes everywhere! That's just our house this time of year.
My Yule altar, it's currently a work in progress.  My mom creates these cool sets with embroidered electric candle wraps and altar cloths,  for her Etsy shop Frogbirds House. I was so happy to get one.  I have more to add to it, but some of it is in the Yule totes in the barn, and some packed in my magical cabinet, I should have it all set up properly after the weekend.  Looking at this pic reminds me of another thing on my to-do list; I need to create an Etsy listing for those printable lanterns now that our Cyber-Monday giveaway is done...I hope I can get that done soon.
Vegetarian and Vegan friends avert your eyes, this is what I keep smelling, my Hungarian Goulash...Oh my, it smells goooood! We'll eat it for dinner with some crusty bread when the family arrives for the weekend.

Well, that's it, the live, unplugged, directors cut...  What are you up to right now other than reading this blog?

Mickie Mueller

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