Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Announcement:Mickie Mueller Studio is Relocating!

Well, I've been spending several weekends out at my mom and step-dads country property Frogbirds Farm, a beautiful piece of property with a pond and large natural woods in the Meramec Valley, Missouri.  This last weekend we had a great time fishing in the pond, attending the local fair, and we even did a firework display one night.  It's beautiful land!  There are a million stars out there, the woods are positively enchanted, deer, turkey and other wildlife walk through the land, and the bullfrogs and spring peepers perform concerts from the pond.

In an interesting and rather sudden turn of events, the adjoining property was up for sale. I'm delighted to announce that we will be moving our home and studio to a beautiful three acre property of woods and fields with a beautiful house and barn in Franklin County MO near the end of August!
Our new little home amongst the oaks, and the barn across the driveway...can't wait to move in!
The house is lovely and will give us a lot more space than we had before.  We have about a dozen oak trees scattered across the front yard, I was so excited I forgot to actually count them!
Just a few of the oaks in front.
 I'll have a lovely big kitchen, dining area, living room, family room, and plenty of space for my old wooden art table, with a view to inspire lots of magical art! There is a fenced in back yard area, so the cats can pop outside and get some sun, and the grand kids can play.  The property beyond the little fenced yard lie gorgeous fields and woods, many places to explore and commune with nature.

There is even an amazing looking large coppice oak in the back near the house, it was once one tree, but had been cut low to the ground and is now four giant trunks growing out of one root system, it's truly magical!  I'll get some photos of it next time we go out there.

 There is also a large really nice barn that is now the home of four beautiful horses, once the woman that selling it has moved, the corral will be a great place to grow a gigantic vegetable garden.  Eventually perhaps we'll have horses of our own.  A finished room will be built in a corner of the barn so that Dan can use it as a production area of our studio, all the big heat presses, computer,  dye sublimation printer, and even a packaging station will now be separate from our living space, but right across the driveway, and we will have so much more room to work!  Right now, all that equipment is crammed into a spare bedroom, so this will be a big boon to our business.  We will do our best to only close the Etsy shop for the briefest time possible close to the move, it's our intention to set up temporary work space as quickly as humanly possible so that we can still make lovelies for you while we get Dan's new dye sublimation workplace ready.
The land just goes on and on...
I can't wait to share more photos and stories as we go.  I hope you'll join us right here on my blog while we get the process going towards establishing this beautiful new homestead, office and studio!

Brightest Blessings,


  1. How exciting for you guys! Congratulations!

  2. Mickie! How wonderful for you and Dan. Such a peaceful place. You will pull so much energy plus inspiration. Love you, Judy Alvey

  3. We are really delighted! The new space will allow us to improve our service and will provide tons of inspiration!!

  4. This is exciting and wonderful new. Your new home looks like just the place to create enchanting art, inspired by the Nature that is all around you. Such good energy!!
    good luck with all the packing and planning and moving. So excited for you. Can't wait to follow the journey! The oak trees are amazing.

  5. That's awesome Mickie! The place looks absolutely beautiful :)

  6. It looks beautiful! Congratulations on the wonderful new home :)

  7. What a wonderful new place to call home. I had family in Franklin Co. for years and used to visit them. It is beautiful down there. So very happy for you!

  8. I am SO happy for you, Mickie!! there is truly..."no place like home..." !! Your new home looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

    Best wishes!


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