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Free Spell for Magic Under the Solstice/Oak Supermoon!

Download these candle labels and petition sheet free right here, I designed
them just for you!
We've got some very powerful energies converging magically right now making tonight's full moon a very powerful time for magic.  Yesterday was the Summer Solstice which is of course the time of the year when the sun is at it's zenith.  The longest day of the year means the sun is at it's highest point at noon, and the period of time between sunrise and sunset is the longest of the year.  Magically during midsummer nature is at it's height of energy, Another of the energies converging right now is that tonight's full moon will be a supermoon.  The moons orbit around the earth is not a perfect circle, and once a year it ends up a bit closer to us than usual.  Tonight it will appear about 12% larger in the sky than usual.  Here is a link to a great article on the science of tonight's supermoon. On top of all of that, we are also in the Celtic month of the Oak and tonight is also the Oak moon according to Robert Grave's Celtic Tree Calendar, and the energies of Oak correspond with opening the door to opportunity, strength, wisdom and power.  Oak magic also includes luck, protection and abundance.

Free candle label and petition sheet click here to download your printable copy.

 Supermoon Spell to Achieve Success

I designed this spell specifically for the energies of tonight's Summer Solstice/ Oak/ Supermoon energies, but it can be altered for use during another full moon, summer solstice or during to Celtic Oak month June 10-July 7.

You will need:

  • a candle, golden in color, yellow, or white.  You can use a tea light or votive candle in a small glass votive candle jar or a large jar candle.
  • Printed candle label and petition sheet (click here to download) print the sheet and affix either the large or small candle label to your jar using a glue stick and have the petition sheet ready to write your petition on.
  • pen
  • incense of your choice, try frankincense or sandalwood
  • Your choice of several of the following herbs; oak leaf or acorn, basil, bay, vetiver, patchouli, chamomile, cinquefoil, marigold, sunflower, st. johns wort, any herb corresponding with your specific success goal
  • lighter or matches and a fireproof dish
  • your favorite success oil or olive oil
  • gold, yellow, or white square of fabric about 4x4 inches
  • green or gold ribbon
Find a quiet place where you can be alone to work your magic, if you can do it outdoors under the moon all the better, but if you can't indoors is fine.  Light the incense and take some time to ground and center, cast your circle and summon the elements and the God and Goddess as you usually do.

Anoint your forehead with success oil (or olive oil) by using a drop of oil on your finger, marking your forehead from the center of eyebrows straight up, then directly above both eyebrows. put a drop of oil in your palm and rub palms together vigorously.  Light your candle in it's jar holder and hold the jar before you and charge it using this charm,

"I call upon the Sun and Moon with power strong and bright,
With my magic I ask a boon that you may grant this night.
For I am as the mighty oak that stands within great power,
I know that create success as I begin this very hour."

Now charge the candle with your power as you focus upon your goal complete, do not visualize the path your success will take, but the completed goal.  For instance if you're goal is success finding a home, do not visualize looking for a home, but see yourself already moved into your dream home, your furniture already there, family around the table in a new dining room, etc.  

Once you have thoroughly charged your candle with your goal, set it down and surround it with the magical herbs you've chose from the list.  Take the pen and write clearly your goal for success upon the petition sheet provided on the printout sheet.  Now hold it up towards the moon and state the following,

Success shall be mine, I know it is true,
With all that I say and all that I do,
I carry my goal and I do my best,
I send it to you, may it manifest!
My power is strong, as sound as can be,
with harm to none, so mote it be!"

Now light the petition in the candles flame and allow it to burn, placing it carefully in the fireproof dish.  Now your intention has gone into the spirit realm where it may grow and manifest in the material realm.  Once the ashes have cooled, bundle them and the herbs into the fabric and tie it with the ribbon.  Leave it near your candle to continue charging it as it burns down, then you may leave the bundle where you will see it daily, or carry it with you as you go forth to make your success in the world!

“The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground.”-anon

I hope you've enjoyed this spell and that it will serve you well during this time of the Summer Solstice, Supermoon and Celtic Oak Month!

And again, the Wheel of the Year turns as we see the Sabbat of Midsummer
come around, rejoice in the cycles of the seasons and grow what you need the most to be
harvested as the wheel turns again!

If you love this candle sconce, click here for more details!

Brightest Blessings,

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  1. Thank you, Mickie! I will try to use this spell...:) very beautiful image and beautiful spell words!


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