Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Celtic Hazel Blue Moon

The Celtic Hazel month falls between Aug 5-Sept.1 and tonight is the Celtic Hazel Full Moon.  The hazel tree is a tree that teaches us how to look at things from a different perspective. Hazel is a tree of wisdom and bringing inspiration from a higher source as the hazel feeds you with spiritual nourishment. Hazel energy can bring you to a creative high point. If you feel that you’ve had a creative block or your muse has abandoned you, the hazel month is the time to get those creative juices flowing and healing for our hearts.

As it happens this Celtic Hazel Full Moon also falls on a blue moon! That doesn't refer to the color of the moon, but in our modern 12 month calendar, a blue moon is when there is a second full moon in a month. We won't have another blue moon until 2015, they don't happen often, which is where the term "once in a blue moon" comes from.
Hazel magic includes:
wisdom, creativity, inspiration, poetry, prophesy, confidence and charisma, seeking and sharing knowledge, eloquence, healing, heart chakra, luck, divination, looking within, new perspective, fertility, protection, wishing, resolving conflict

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Good Luck Hazel Blue Moon Spell
Blue is one of the colors for hazel magic and can also represent the blue moon, so a blue candle is perfect for this spell.  You can carve the ogham symbol for hazel in the candle (lower right corner of the picture above) and anoint it with hazel oil if you have some.  (I found some at my local grocery spell by the cooking oil) Make a circle of 12 white tea light candles around the blue candle, all together that's 12 moons of the year plus the blue moon equals 13.  Place a lapis lazuli or amethyst tumbled stone or one set in a piece of jewelry next to the blue candle.

Cast your circle as you normally do, and light the candles clockwise while you count from one to thirteen, ending on the blue candle.  Pick up the stone or jewelry piece and hold it in your hands while you summon the energy of the Hazel Blue Moon with this charm:

"On this hazel blue moon, my luck I renew,
The hazel sends blessings to all that I do
I make my own luck with confidence and wisdom
I now turn the tides to improve my conditions
Once in a blue moon my own stars I design,
Good luck in all things, success shall I find!"

Now leave the stone or jewelry piece in the circle of white candles next to the blue candle and allow all of the candles to burn out.  You now have a powerful good luck charm blessed under the hazel blue moon!

    If you're interested in more Celtic tree magic, please check out my online Celtic Tree Calendar class, there are 13 classes a year and each one is full of great information on the Celtic trees, illustrations, four full color pages, spells,and a sheet with candle labels and extras! 

Bright Blue Moon Blessings!

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  1. Oh, well, I thought that the blue moon is actually blue... it was presented like this on our TV.thanks for education me!
    Interesting info about the properties of the Hazel Moon as well.


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