Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Sacred Altar Votive Statues from Sacred Source

Well, I've been sitting on this cool project for awhile, and now it can finally be unveiled! Presenting the Sacred Altar Votive Collection, my brand new statuary from Sacred Source!

These pieces are available separately or as a set from

Last January I sent Sacred Source the fresh new designs for this altar set.  This is the altar set of my dreams, so I drew it up.  I love the idea of God and Goddess statues that double as candle holders.  I actually sculpted a very crude God and Goddess set with a candle holder ages ago when I was new to the Craft, and I always wanted to improve upon the idea.  This was a great opportunity to make that happen!  I also have been making unique quarter candle holders for my own use time and time again since I began studying magic.  I always wanted to have some quarter candles that were really unique and would be a natural representation of each element, again this was the perfect opportunity to let my imagination run wild.  The tree pentacle altar tile may look familiar, it's a design that really speaks to my heart incorporating the five pointed pentagram, each point representing the elements of air, fire, water and earth, with spirit on the top, and surrounded by the trunk branches and roots of a wise old tree.  I drew each design showing the front, back and sides of each one and sent it off to my friends at Sacred Source to work their magic!

Here's a closeup of the Horned God.  I love the sizes of the God and Goddess Statues, both are less than 8" tall so there will still be lots of room for all your other magical tools on your altar.   Your candles to honor the God and Goddess will illuminate the statues beautifully from the base. You can order them here
The artisans that create the statuary for Sacred Source went to work bringing each piece to life.  They are amazing sculptors and always do such a beautiful job bringing my drawings from two dimensional drawings into 3D.  I wanted this set to be something that you could actually own and use not just dream about having.  We decided to make this a set that would allow you to either collect the pieces one at a time building up your altar set piece by piece, choose only the pieces that you want, or as a big splurge you can get the entire set all together!  You'll feel the magic and love that went into each designs whether you use this set on your altar in a solitary ritual, family ritual, or wouldn't it be a great set for a coven to use at gatherings?!
Here is a close up of one of the elemental candles.  The elemental inspired design wraps all around the sides and the back of each candle, so they represent each element beautifully from any angle it's viewed.  If you think the fronts of these votive holders look cool, wait until you see the backs!  You can use candle colors the represent each element according to your tradition. You can order them here

The Tree Pentacle Altar Tile can be used flat on the altar or it can hang on the wall. You can order one here

Now you know where you've seen that design!  Yes, we also make a lovely mother of pearl amulet with the tree pentacle design right in our studio, the perfect way to complete this lovely altar set! More info here
One of the best things about the release of this brand new altar set is that the good people at Sacred Source are offering an introductory discount!  I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed creating the designs!

Bright Blessings!


  1. Mickie how wonderful to see your designs bought to life like that, they certainly have done a wonderful job these are beautiful.

  2. I’d really like to buy this but they don’t ship to Sweden! Is there possible to buy them anywhere else?


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