Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flowers, Cats, and Art from Scotland

I had a very sick cat last week, and art that arrived from Scotland just in time to soothe my spirit.

Celtic Blessing Tree by Ruthie Redden, read on for more on how this talented artist made my day!
Here's the Willow recap, for those who missed it on Facebook.  My cat Willow (yes, the little calico seen on my art table above) ended up in the emergency vet late last week on May 3.  Willow ate some day lilly which is very toxic to cats!   My cats are both indoor cats, so I seldom worry about what plants I put in the garden as far as what's toxic to cats.  I picked up the lilly at the store to plant in the yard, but not thinking, I carried it in the house with the groceries. I set the groceries down and turned around to take the plant back outside and she was already munching on the leaves! I told her, "That might be poison, stop eating it!"  Dan was sitting there on the Internet so he Googled "is day lilly toxic to cats" just to check while I proceeded to put groceries away.  He discovered that if at cat eats daylilly and go untreated, kidney failure can develop in 48 hours! She threw up most of it 5 minutes later and we got her to the vet right away. They gave her activated charcoal to absorb any left in her system and she had to stay there for 48 hours on an IV. 
I went to see her several times, she hated the IV in her little paw.

A poster in the vets office, some pretty plants toxic to cats and dogs, some are toxic to people as well.  Click here for more info
Our other cat Garfield the gray tabby missed her terribly.  Of course I sent lots of reiki to her the whole time and was totally overwhelmed with the outpouring of compassion on Facebook.  So many people sent energy, prayers and well-wishes.  How life can change in just a few moments!  Thankfully, she's home now and doing fine, and back to her old self.

There are many plants that are bad for cats and dogs to eat that you might not even think of.  Of course not all cats and dogs will eat them, lucky me, I have a cat that eats all plants like they're made of tuna.  I know many people who have told me their cats play amongst day lillies in the yard and don't eat them.  I think that outdoor cats that are used to being around a larger variety of plants are probably less likely to chew on random greenery.  I've tried that cat grass they sell for cats to eat, but that's the only plant Willow doesn't want, much like the fact that the couch is always better to scratch than a scratching post.  For those interested, here's the ASPCA's website with info about toxic plants and foods, (click here) it's actually quite surprising.  It's good info to have just in case, after all I could have lost a wonderful member of our family because I didn't know.  I'll tell you what else, after a 48 hour stay at the emergency vet, that was the most expensive flower I ever bought!  Willow was worth every penny, but I would have preferred to avoid the whole thing.
On the last day Willow had to stay at the vet, on the night of the full Celtic Willow moon, which was also a Supermoon (see previous post) I got a package in the mail that lifted my spirits! 
All the lovelies in the package from Ruthie Redden, along with the gorgeous print, she included a handmade card, a card with the poem on it, seashells and feathers all the way from Scotland.  Such treasures, it's like she knows me!
 I had been notified the previous week that I had won a giveaway from the 5 Precious Things blog, Celtic pictorial storyteller Ruthie Reddens beautiful Celtic Blessing Tree print.  Written around the tree is the Celtic Irish blessing "Deep Peace"  in elegant calligraphy.  The colors are so rich and the details are a delight, it looks like a page from an illuminated manuscript.  It came on a day that I really needed it, I was feeling very sad over my poor kitty and here was this gorgeous blessing in the mail.
Ruthie's business card, visit her website and pick up a print for your home too!

As I write this little Willow with her two little shaved front legs is purring happily in my lap, life is good!

Willow is a great cat model, here she is "painted black" for the Hidden Path card, Art of Magic" Click here

Willow showing her "true colors" for my Magic is Afoot piece. Click here

Willow and my cat Garfield will also be making an appearance in the upcoming Mystical Cats Tarot, we'll see what card they end up on!



  1. So glad to hear your sweet Willow is well and back at home!! What a relief. Beautiful gifts from Scotland, how lucky!

  2. So beautiful gifts! Really, so much love was put into them.
    Wishing your cat get well and be happy!
    Have a nice day!

  3. I had asked Bast to watch over her and you know Bast couldn't refuse. This was also Willow's moon so there was a lot of good energy for your curious kitty. So glad she's home with you. I know I would just go crazy if that was my Molly cat. Lots of love to you my sister, Judy aka Taliessa

  4. Thanks everyone! :o) She's totally back to her old self now, I'm so happy and blessed to have such dear caring people in my life! :o)


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