Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celtic Willow Moon and Supermoon Magic

This coming full moon is the Celtic Willow Moon, and it's also a Supermoon, that equals some powerful full moon energy on the 5th!

Willow, Tree of Water, Moon and Magic!

The Willow month falls between April 15-May 12 and the full moon between those dates is the Willow Full Moon.  Willow brings us in touch with Goddess energy and teaches us to follow our intuition. Willow energy also teaches us to work harmoniously within the cycles of life instead of trying to fight against them.  Willow is a strong tree because it is flexible and bends instead of breaking, a lesson we can all learn from in these times.  Willow is a water loving tree and is associated with lunar influences, it represents unseen influences in our lives.  This is also a tree of magic, enchantment and sorcery that helps us forge a deeper communion with our higher power.

Willow is sacred to poets and is also associated with healing and divination.  This is also a tree associated with fairies and the otherworld, weeping willow images were often seen on Victorian era grave markers and in "Mourning Portraits" paintings or embroidered depictions of the loved ones of the deceased gathered in mourning around an urn and willow tree.

Many people feel comforted by the willows loving energy, sitting within the veil of a weeping willow can be a very healing experience, and is a perfect place for meditation.  It's also traditional to tie a knot in a willow branch and make a wish.  Return to the tree once the wish is granted and untie the branch and give thanks!

One of the easiest ways to propagate a willow tree is from rooted cuttings, you can actually cut a single stem from a willow tree and put it in a vase of water.  A single branch of this watery tree will sprout roots!  We used a branch of willow to bless our wishes at the Celtic Tree Calendar class I'm teaching at Pathways this month and that branch has little roots growing out of it.  I plan to plant it in a sunny spot in my yard where all the water runs off.  Some people report just sticking a fresh cut rod of willow in the damp ground and successfully growing a tree! 

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So if the Willow Moon which is full of strong lunar energy already is also a Super Moon, what does that mean?

Willow Moon/Supermoon, What's it All About?

This month, the Celtic Willow Moon will officially become full Saturday (May 5) at 11:35 p.m. EDT. And because this month's full moon coincides with the moon's perigee which means it will be its closest approach to Earth, it will also be the year's biggest moon in the sky.  How close the moon is to the earth varies throughout the year, right now it's really close. 
Yep, it's kinda like this!

This Willow Full Moon is due to be about 16 percent brighter than average and will appear larger in the sky.  Willow is associated with lunar energy, water and the tides, and although we don't expect extreme tides, the Supermoon will exert about 42 percent more tidal force than the moon when it's at it's furthest from us. But fear not, in reality the supermoon should cause no natural disasters or anything, but some bonus moon magical energy and a great show, for sure!  If you look at the moon when it's close to the horizon or through a trees branches it's easiest to see the effect because it gives your eye a point of reference.

Magically, this means extra moon energy and specifically extra Willow Moon energy!  So this is a great full moon to work on projects such as: enchantment, boosting magical power, wishing, fertility , love, healing, protection, magic for women, death, femininity, love, intuition, divination, friendship, joy, and deep peace.

You want a spell, don't you?  Mmmmm...well, ok, you twisted my arm.

Willow Divination Tool Blessing

The willow tree's roots run deep with emotion and the powers of divination, this is a tree that can bridge the worlds.  The willow full moon is a perfect time to bless and charge your divination tools.  Do you work with a crystal ball, pendulum, runes or tarot deck?  If you have a Voice of the Trees deck or Ogham set, this willow spell is perfect to fill it with extra divination energies.  Bless your items under the full willow moon to fill them with willow moon energy, this will re-energise your tools. 

Place your divination tools in a willow basket, you can find one easily at your local craft store.  Take the basket outside under the full willow moon. (The 5th full moon of the year, usually falling between or near April 15-May 12) You may wish to light a white or green candle and have some incense of your choice to set the mood, try violet incense.  If you have a willow tree you can work under or near, all the better, if not sit anywhere you like and visualise a spiritual sparkling willow tree rising up from the ground and surrounding you with a curtain of leaves.  Now visualise energy from the moon pouring over your divination tools in the basket filling them with the powerful full willow moon energy.  As you feel the energy flowing into your tools program them with the following charm:

"Full willow moon lend your vibrations,
Bless these tools of divination,
Always guide my heart that I may see,
All they have to show to me."

When you feel the tools are full of moon energy, you may wish to use one of your newly empowered tools to do a little divination work under the willow moon.  When you're finished be sure to leave a gift for the willow tree as thanks, a crystal, fertilizer spike, a coin, or water are all appropriate gifts.

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Have a lovely Supermoon/ Willow Moon!


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