Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My New Specs!

Well, I got my new glasses yesterday! It's really going to take some getting used to, I never realized how much I used my peripheral vision before, but I also didn't realize how blurry everything was, so right now the glasses are something of a double edged sword, but I think I will get used to them and it will turn out to be a real benefit.

They're cute frames, they're designed by Tommy Hillfiger but still fit in my budget, the color kinda matches my hair, and the inside of the frame is blue for a little fun.

I had to get progressive lenses, which for those who don't know, have three different areas of clear focus, the top is for distance, middle is about the distance between my face and the computer screen, and the very bottom focuses close for reading, about one line at a time is clear. I've never worn glasses, so I'm going from no glasses to these, and I must say, it's a bit like walking in a really clear funhouse! If I stand about 4 feet in front of my refrigerator it looks like the top is waaay wider than the bottom, kinda Tim Burtonesque. Dan and my son were having a little fun with me last night waving their arms and leaning way back. It was pretty humorous.

Dan has worn glasses for a long time now and he told me you just have to learn how to look through them, and kind of train yourself to turn your head the right way and look through the right part of the glasses. So true. I think I've pretty much found the "sweet spots" but still getting used to being consistent.

Driving to work, I noticed a goose flying overhead, it was so clear that it looked almost 3D! I didn't realize that everything was blurry before. I haven't tried art yet, maybe tonight.


  1. Wow, mom! You look super cute!! I love the shape of them. That's funny about the goose! I think I need to go to the eye doctor too! My vision is pretty blurry too. Maybe I'll get some cat eyes. :)

  2. Britt, you totally should! I'll give you the card for the place where I went. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. :o)


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