Friday, January 7, 2011

I've officially caught the ACEO Bug!

I made two more ACEO's last night, these are really fun to make! It also makes me really happy to make use of these little sketches.

The sketch I found for the Crescent Crowned Goddess is really cool because I had played with eye color on that one and did a big drawing of her eye. I remember that I was watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor around that time and when I was working out her raven black hair, it occurred to me that violet eyes like Liz has would be really cool.

I included a little vervain on this ACEO, and I found a little silver tone metal flower that reminded me of vervain that I added also. I love the tissue I used for the background on this one, it has metalic gold on it, the background was white, but I did a sepia watercolor wash over it to add a little more depth.

The Mother card has always been one of my favorites, I posed for this one with my son, Tristan, he was really young then. He loved the idea of reading books and having a picnic under the tree out front, so we did so on several occasions after we took the pics for this piece.

We read the Lemony Snicket or Spiderwick books and had snacks! I included a moth wing that we found under that tree, and her bookmark is a little leaf from my thyme plant. You'll notice that in the sketch his shirt is green, but I changed it on the finished piece to yellow ocher because the green would have blended in with the background too much. Then I added dandelions to her hair, because it seems like kids are always giving their mothers dandelions which are also associated with one of my favorite Goddesses, Rhiannon.

That's why I did these little color sketches to begin with of course, to work out colors and ideas before continuing to the final piece. I often did these while I was waiting to hear back from Raven and Stephanie on the sketches so that once I got a response, I had worked it all out in my head and was ready to go.

I might make a couple more ACEO's this weekend, but I also have art to do for the 2012 Magical Almanac, so I might only get a few ACEO's done.

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