Monday, November 8, 2010

Steampunk Fairy Sketches

During the turn of the century, "paper moon" photos became very popular. The moon was cut out so that people could sit on the moon to have their photo taken, ladies, couples, even whole families would get their photos taken posing on these celestial sets. I think they're charming!
I wanted to draw a Steampunk Fairy, and I decided to take the inspiration for my new piece from these whimsical old photos. Sunday we turned our clocks back, and I used that extra hour to go back in time, and revisit not only and old photography tradition, but also a time that never was and created this sketch for my new Steampunk Fairy! I hope you like her so far.

Below is a detail shot of the Steampunk Fairy Sketch

Join me later for my pick for Magical Monday Night Movie!


  1. I am loving your steampunk faerie,especially her wings cant wait to see her finished x ruthie

  2. I too have a photo of my mother and her girl friend sitting on a paper moon,it was taken in 1953 I have never seen any others until now. I really enjoyed visting your blog

    Sandra Macdougall


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