Friday, November 12, 2010

Freebee Holiday Gift Tags on My Etsy Store!

We have a really fun special in our Etsy store for the month of November! I created these designer gift tags, I'll be using them on all my gifts this year for sure! So I put them all together on a digital file that you can print as many as you need yourself on your choice of paper. With any purchase in the month of November, we'll email you this file and you can print all of the gift tags you need for your gift giving this holiday season!

Here are the ones I printed out myself last night, they turned out pretty nice!

I made a little holiday gift scene showing gifts, as you can see the tags are a good size, so there's plenty of room to write on, plus if you really need a smaller tag, you could easily re size them.

Of course, as soon as I started setting this little photo shoot up, Willow the cat had to get right in the middle of everything!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. My Kitty Critter also feels the need to be the center of whatever I am doing and I must appease her before any work gets done!! Beautiful Tags, what a wonderful idea, and very forward thinking too!! Awesome! You know I always love your works!! :)


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