Sunday, January 23, 2022

Witch Ball Unboxing Hand Blown Glass Magick!

Today I’m sharing an unboxing video of a package that was gifted to me by Hanna and Lily from 2 Sisters Artisan Glass on Etsy! These two sisters run their hot shop in Arizona where they hand blow beautiful glass works of art, many of the pieces they create are the delightful magical charms known as witch balls! I was so excited to open this but I wanted to share the experience with you. 

When I was editing my witch ball video I decided that I wanted to show some of the different styles of witch balls. That’s when I discovered Hanna and Lily on Etsy and saw their beautiful hand blown treasures. If you’ve been watching my videos for awhile you’ve probably noticed other photos that I found on Etsy or other shops. I figure if I’m going to share photos it might as well also help showcase some of my fellow small businesses owners, so I like finding Etsy sellers and asking permission to show photos of their items.

I knew there was a witch ball in this box, but I din’t know which style it was because they have a great variety of colors and form. it was fun to be surprised!

Glass blowers have been making witch balls regularly for hundreds of years in the same way that they do it at 2 Sisters Artisan Glass. There are several styles of witch balls but the hand blown variety contain strands of glass inside meant to trap and entangle aggressive spirits or spells like a web. They are great protection from baneful spirits and to bring good luck and prosperity. I still can’t believe it, it’s so beautiful! I’m just over the moon at how beautiful this witch ball is, I’ll treasure it forever!

A huge thank you to Hannah and Lily over at 2 Sisters Artisan Glass for making this video possible with your generosity and skilled craftsmanship!

You can find 2 Sisters Artisan Glass on Etsy, here's the link:


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