Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Night Magical Movie, er, Series,The Magicians Premier Tonight!

"I can't just go to Yale if I know this place exists!" 


The magic is back in Mondays! Back in July, some of you may remember, a set designer contacted me about using some of my artwork as part of the set decoration for the SyFy series they were filming, The Magicians. The Magicians is based upon the popular series of epoch fantasy books written by Lev Grossman. I watched the pilot last night on the SyFy website, (it's airing tonight, so the video is off the website now) and I was totally delighted, this is going to be a really cool series, and they used the art of a real witch on their set, so how could they fail?! My art. On TV. OMGs!  And the show? It's sexy, edgy, great music, basically, if Harry Potter took place at a Grad School in NY, that's what's going on.

This is a release form for the set designer of the upcoming SyFy series The Magicians so that they may use a couple of prints of mine as part of the set decor! Dan said, "I guess we'll be ordering this series on BluRay." Yes we will Dan, oh yes, we will. 

Ok, I didn't see any of my art in the pilot, but I wouldn't have because they filmed it before they ordered the prints, unless they really have time-travel magic! But you can bet I'll be watching every episode several times, once for the story, and the second time scanning the background on an Easter egg hunt for my prints.
The actual prints right before I packaged them up and sent them off! These are to ones to watch for in the background. Again, we won't see them in the first episode, but with a little luck and some magic, we might be lucky enough to see them in one (or more) of the other episodes!

Will one be over the top of a main characters desk and appear in every episode? Gasp! Will they be a blur in the background while people are running down a hallway? Very possible. No idea. That being said I would watch this series anyway after seeing the pilot.  I watched that first episode and loved the characters, the magic was stunning, and the story has me very curious about what happens next! They ended the pilot with one hell of a cliffhanger!

So, tonight the SyFy channel will be airing a Double Episode premier at 9/8c. So you don't have to sit breathlessly for a week to see what happens after the first episode cliff hanger! Thanks SyFy, much appreciated by those of us who love a good binge-watch, two episodes is definitely better than one!

Here's more about the series, trailers, interviews with the author and actors, bits and bobs of sneak peeks for you while we anxiously wait for the premier tonight!

Watch the background of The Magicians for Drawing Down the Moon by Mickie Mueller, read more about this art here
Watch the background of The Magicians The Art of Magic by Mickie Mueller from The Hidden Path Oracle deck, read more about the art here

Oh, did I mention, they did some car-aaazy mirror magic in the pilot!

Who wrote the book about mirror magic coming out this June? Oh, just yours truly! The Witch's Mirror does not contain the spell they performed though...

11:43 AM 1/25/2016 My friend Kathy Jo on Facebook just found this promo pic of Penny in a flaming chair with not only one, but BOTH of my prints on the wall behind him! Holy cow! I can't even believe it! Bonus, I frikkin love his character, he won me over in the pilot! Dubstep. heheh.

Blessed Be!



  1. Penny is far cooler in the pilot than he was in the books. I can see why you are fond of him.
    Congrats on getting your art on the wall there; they look fantastic.
    Looking forward to your mirror magic book, do you have a preorder date?

    1. Yeah, I fully intended to read the series before it came out, but I had too much work on the art table. I'll definitely have to add them to my e-reader!
      The mirror book will be out in June! Very excited! :)

  2. This is Awesome! Congrats! And this guy in the chair - is he the same actor that played Henry VIII in Tudors? Sorry, I'm going to have to see if it's on Hulu since I don't have cable any longer but if it is, I'll check it out!

    1. Oooh, he does have that look in the photo, doesn't he? But no, different guy, (LOVED The Tudors also!) Penny is played by Arjun Gupta, he also plays Sam in Nurse Jackie which is currently on Netflix.

  3. wow, thats amazing, congratulations, such beautiful work,


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