Thursday, March 20, 2014

Signs of Spring on the Equinox

It's the morning of the Spring Equinox, also known by it's old Pagan name, Ostara.  I awoke with one thought in my head, probably inspired by some elusive dream that melted with the opening of my eyes, today's the day, I've got to get moving.  I haven't prepared a big celebration today, my little grands won't be visiting for a couple of weeks, although we'll have a big celebration then.  I have not set up a fancy altar, although I did boil a few eggs last night, and I have a bottle of honey mead for this evening to enjoy with the Old Gods, but I did not prepare a huge event this year.  I awoke, fed the cats, made coffee, and before it was done, I set forth to walk through the meadows of Aelfheim, to see what lessons the spirits of the land had to offer on this equinox morning.
I still need to color my eggs, and the flower pots will be transformed into an Ostara egg tree for when my little grands come to stay for a late Equinox celebration.  I love the cheery flameless candle and embroidered Ostara candle wrap that my mom gave me! See more here (Frogbirds House)

The first thing I noticed was the empty bird feeders, so I went to the barn for some bird seed and suet blocks.  As I worked in the chilled morning air, the birds gathered in a nearby stand of budding trees. Cardinals, woodpeckers, sapsuckers, juncos, doves and chickadees alike, watching my every move.  Once they realized, "Oh she's filling it up, hey guys, she's filling it up!" It was as if laughter erupted from the trees! They rose such a ruckus, they could hardly wait for me to leave so they could have their equinox morning feast.

A moth enjoying sap flowing from the maple.
My next stop was to visit the Four Trees Oak.  I decided to step up into the middle of the magical trees that all grow from one trunk for a quick blessing on this magical day of balance.  The equal hours of day and night inspired me to seek balance for my own spirit and I know no other place at Aelfheim better than the Four Trees Oak to find that balance.  I stood there peacefully soaking up the energy, feeling the tree summoning up life from under ground, pulsing with the life of yet another spring.
New buds on the maple tree, neighbor of the Four Trees Oak.

My spiritual battery recharged, I decided to take a brisk walk through the back pastures, the sun thankfully was shining through the branches of the trees, although mostly bare, they bear the new buds of potential.  I've decided that a morning constitutional will become part of my daily routine, to boost my metabolism before my coffee and breakfast, and also to watch this new land that I'm beginning a relationship with as it waxes and wanes through the year. 
Wild Cinquefoil bursts forth from beneath some dry leaves.
As I walked along the outer edge of the two back pastures, I thought about the difficult spring we've had so far, only days ago this pasture was covered in snow and ice. We've had weather nice enough for bare feet and so bitter that we needed hats and gloves all in one week. But as I walked, I noticed that nature is taking it all in stride.  We complain because we want to get started on our gardens and pack up our winter coats and sweaters for good, but through all of our aggravation,  green is being born all around.
The vast areas of  mossy faerie carpet is becoming an emerald green, offering promise of life returning to the land.
Even though much of Aelfheim still looks brown, there is green life bursting forth if you have patience and know where to look.  When I look out at the pastures from my windows it seems so brown, but walking and becoming one with the land helps you notice what's really happening as the land awakens from it's wintry slumber.

Upon returning to my house, I grabbed a stale bagel I had put aside and tore it into pieces as I strolled over to the bird feeder that's in front of my studio window and began tossing  the bits around the base.  The birds scattered upon my arrival at their feeding station, but as I was finishing up my work, a lone brave nuthatch flew over and positioned himself upside down on the shepherds hook (as is their nature to do) and curiously looked right at me.  I could have reached out and touched him, but didn't dare try.  "Well, hello." I said softly. Not wanting to appear rude, the nuthatch replied, "Hello, thanks for the bagel." and then flew back up to a nearby tree top. I chucked as I walked away, "Your welcome, my friend, enjoy!"
Moss with new spring sporophyte pushing their way upward, eventually releasing spores to continue the green carpet yet further along the path.  
Now I sit with my first cup of coffee. My walk awakened my body as I moved my legs along the land. Energy rose up into my chakras and filled my heart with joy.  The air fresh and clean filled my heart and awakened my mind with the scents of the earth. My system became energized, my spirit fed with the beauty of new life unfolding, I felt the burn in my thighs, oh I really need this, I sat too long at the art table this winter! So this shall be my new morning routine, as often as possible, I will walk the land first thing.  I know that and object set in motion tends to stay in motion, so the action that I choose to take on this day of the Spring Equinox is to plant the seeds of a healthier body, mind, and spirit.  So mote it be!

Where is my Ostara altar? It's all around me!

Happy Spring!
Mickie Mueller


  1. I love this! I am on campus and it's really hard to have any kind of ritual (I miss my candles lol) but today I really took in everything around me on my walk and thought about everything I'm grateful for and everything I'm looking forward to. Spring is about new beginnings and opportunities. I love this time of year and am especially grateful for spring after this winter lol. I hope you have a great day! Happy Ostara! xoxo





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