Monday, February 10, 2014

Aelfheim in Winter

It's amazing what you can see on a Monday afternoon while taking out the compost.  I dropped off the fruit and vegetable waste and covered it with hay, and as I looked around, I saw beautiful sights around me!

The garden gnome still welcoming with his magical paint brush even though he's halfway covered in snow.

I love the golden afternoons here, the way the light glows through the trees and across the meadow, in the winter it has a magic all it's own.

I discovers this unique ice sculpture on the back side of the barn, dried flowers and seed-heads encased in ice. Thick ice sickles formed around the dried wildflowers as the roots and seeds beneath the soil await the coming thaw.

Ice had melted and refrozen over and over at the corner of the barn where it's dripped off the roof. It created an intricate haven for ice faeries to rest in between frosting the land.
Wild turkeys crossing the road! Why did the turkeys cross the road? To get away from the crazy artist with an iPhone, of course!

Then the sun went down and the solar lights came on as proof that even though the land is encased in snow and ice, the days are lengthening and soon the land will sparkle with new life!

Good evening from Aelfheim!


  1. Fabulous....thank you for sharing the beauty!

    Best wishes,

  2. Lovely photos. I went in search of magic in the snow today too. Can not wait for spring though and am dreaming of green things :)


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