Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Freebie in Our Etsy Shop!

Spring is ready to pop! This year I created a really cool file of printable Ostara cupcake wraps and included a printout full of information about the Goddess Ostara and an easy recipe for making special Ostara cupcakes, great for celebrating the Sabbat with magical friends or family!

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Right now we will send a free printable Ostara Cupcake Wrap set to everyone who orders from our Etsy shop, from now until the Spring Equinox or Ostara March 20 2013!

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When I think of Ostara I think of the blessing of seeds, potential, and the first buds that are coming forth in the early spring. I came up with an easy way to make fancy Ostara cakes using just a simple cake mix and adding some special ingredients. These are perfect for your Ostara ritual cakes or for a celebration feast! This simple recipe including ideas for your own variations is included with the cupcake wraps and I've also included instructions for making sugared flower petals to decorate your cakes with.
Pages that come with the Ostara Cupcake Wrap set
There are four on a sheet, and you can print as many as you like year
 after year.  Of course the ones we email are high resolution and don't have a
watermark across them like these do!

Here's how they turn out, really sweet!

The Spring Equinox has special meaning to Dan and I, it's also our wedding anniversary. This year we will celebrate our 15th anniversary, we are still madly in love!  We are so happy now because we work full time running the art business so we get to be together all the time, it's awesome spending every day making pretty gifts for our wonderful customers!  We hope you enjoy this spring freebie!

Dan and Mickie March 21 1998

Have a blessed Spring!

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  1. Hello, Mickie!
    What a wonderful freebie! I really love your art, and your unique style.
    Happy Anniversary! Bless you with many more happy years together!


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