Friday, June 22, 2012

2013 Llewellyn's Magical Almanac, A Sneak Peek!

I just got my contributors copies of the 2013 Magical Almanac, and cleared a spot on the old wooden art table to flip through it, and I must say I'm pretty delighted. Artist Tammy Shane has done the last several cover for the Almanac, and while they are all beautiful , this one is my favorite so far!  I love her elegant Luna moth against the night sky!
Tammy Shane's beautiful cover art.

So of course, I grabbed a cup of tea and dug right in to see the article I wrote and several more I illustrated, as well as the many other fabulous contributions. 
My article "Enchanted Tea Cup" along with my illustrations for it.  Learn ways to make simple yet powerful magic using the ages old beverage of tea.

Does that cup of tea look similar to one of the illustrations? Hmmm...yep, I illustrated my own family heirloom teacup, nothings too good for my readers.!

This year I had the opportunity to do lots of animal illustrations which was really fun!  I illustrated an article about Celtic animals (right up my ally) by Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha, one on totem animals by Lupa, and another about raptors, some of the most fascinating of birds by Kristen Madden.

I have many pieces from my grandmothers owl collection so I had lots of inspiration for the raptor article!

I also got to delve into the dark side to illustrate an excellent article about dark moon meditations by Autumn Damiana.  Another article theme that I was excited to contribute artwork to was an excellent article about how to bring Steampunk into your Pagan path.  I really had fun with that one, my Steampunk witch was one of my favorites, she may end up being revisited as a full color piece at some point.   All in all I created twelve illustrations and wrote one article.
Steampunk witch!  Totally fun!

Illustrator  Don Higgins created a stunning witches library that anyone would love for Blake Octavian Blairs article on Pagan Home Libraries and Chris Down created beautiful illustrations of the tools of Tibetan Buddhism for Raven Digitalis' article.   I keep going back to Wen Hsu's stunning illustration of the Orishas gracing the pages of Dallas Jennifer Cobb's article on Santeria. These are just a few of the talented people that contributed their writing and illustrating skills to the 2013 Magical Almanac, as always, I'm proud to be included!  I love flipping through it, so many of the contributors are friends of mine that when I read their awesome articles, not only do I get to learn something very magical, but I get to be proud of some of my awesome friends!

Bright Blessings!


  1. How cool to see the old family china and grandmothers owl. Nicely done. Mom:-)

  2. Great! I like your drawings. You are very talented.:)) Have a nice day!

  3. Oh thanks so much, I look forward to illustrating the Almanac every year. So glaqd you're enjoying it! :o) Mom, I have a copy for you!

  4. I can't wait to get my contributor copies! They do such a wonderful job!

  5. I cant wait to get a copy! I mourn the loss of my older almanacs. Especially the one that had the stress tea recipe in it. I have torn my house apart looking for it. Dandelion, raspberry... *sigh* I knew I should have copied it down somewhere.. lol

  6. Oh Nalana, I hope you find them! I hate loosing books!

  7. Deborah, your articles were brilliant!


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