Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage and Witchy~My Prize Package From Mrs. B!

When I saw the box on my porch I knew what it was!  By the luck of the draw I won Mr. B's giveaway that she held over at her excellent blog "Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom" I knew it would be the perfect mix of vintage witchy kitsch.   I had already decided that I wanted to open it with my daughter Brittany the vintage fashionista responsible for the popular vintage fashion blog "Va-Voom Vintage."  We had already agreed to meet at Costco that day to pick up some items for her husband P.J.s graduation party, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Ok, I confess, I had to peek before I left the house,  don't judge me!  You would have peeked too.   I packed it all up and brought the box of goodies along to meet up.

Look at all this cool loot!  And yes, the cat right in the middle of it as per usual.

So there we were in the Costco parking lot, onlookers probably curious but we didn't care!  There were two recipe boxes, one was a lovely vintage reproduction of Betty Crocker recipes, I knew that one had to go in Brittanys fabulous vintage kitchen!  I also passed along the coasters because I wanted her to have at least one of the cool "Mrs. B" items and because as a very small child she used to put coasters under everyones drinks when they came over.  She was destined to be a 1950's housewife!

The other recipe box was amazing!  Mrs. B had hand written a ton of witchy recipes onto the cards!  Wow!  That one was mine, I really loved that personal touch, and I will treasure it forever, and I'm sure I'll use quite a bit of them too.

My Voodude is peeking out of his bag!  LOL

I just had to pass along the cute tote bag as well, Brittany loved it so much!

This book is so fun, I've been pouring over it, "Better Than Homemade" is a hoot, all about American convenience cuisine.  I think Brittany and I will share this one back and forth.

Yesterday morning I was running late and didn't have time to drink all my Chai Spice tea, out of my art mug, my morning ritual.  Now I have a cool travel mug, so I took it with me!

Brittany and I are thoroughly enjoying my winnings from Mrs. B's drawing, Thanks Mrs. B!


  1. Thanks! I'll tell you how I did it, although I bet you could figure it out! LOL


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