Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating Voice of the Trees Cost: Late Nights, Hard Work, Frozen Pizza- Rave Reviews: Priceless!

Well Readers, it's been a long time since I started this journey writing about and creating a deck of cards based upon the Celtic Ogham that we now call Voice of the Trees.  It's been a journey of ups and downs, I was nervous about how it would be recieved, this being my first attempt at writing an entire book.  Any creative person who says they aren't at least a little nervous to put their work out there, is a big 'ole liar. 

I had originally set out to create a deck about the Celtic ogham and write a book about it.  I wanted it to be something that would bring the Celtic tree ogham to life, make it more accessable, a system with an old background but updated for the modern reader.  I wanted to stay true to the history and magic of this system.  Had I done what I set out to do?  I thought so, but time would tell.  

 Well, my copywriter (the person who writes the ads, and the descriptions on the back of the book) at Llewellyn recently told me to gather together some blurbs for the book.  Blurbs are those little quotes that you see on the back or inside of a book.  they are generally written by other authors who have read your book and they say what they think of it.  The art's been on my website for some time, and I've gotten great response, but the book had been seen by very few people.  I'm still working on the edits that my editor sent, so what was sent to the other authors was not the revised version to be printed.  I went through my list of people I thought would be wonderful to give their opinion on this topic and hopefully would.  They're all experienced and well respected writers and one accomplished writer/artist as well.  Then the manuscripts were sent out. 

I held my breath.

I wondered, hoping no one would fall on the floor laughing, or worse yet groan, "How cute, you tried, but you should go take a class or something."  These are the things that flit through your head late at night, alas.
And by one... the reviews began to come in. 

Advance Praise for Voice of the Trees: 

"The Ogham alphabet of Irish bardic lore plays roughly the same role in Celtic tradition that the runes have in Norse and Germanic spirituality, but there may be a hundred people who've cast the runes for every one who has even heard of Ogham. This may be the deck that changes that. Capably researched and sensitively rendered, Mickie Mueller's Voice of the Trees is an attractive and accessible oracle based on the Ogham. It will be of interest not only to contemporary Druids and Celtic Pagans, but to anyone interested in a divination system that has, if you'll pardon the pun, deep roots in both the living Earth and the Celtic past." 
   Ancient Order of Druids in America
   Author of the forthcoming The Celtic Golden Dawn

A beautifully illustrated journey of guidance and meditation through the ogham forrest. Mickie Mueller's Voice of the Threes will speak to you with wisdom and guidance to aid you when facing the crossroads of your life.
- Christopher Penczak, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft & The Three Rays of Witchcraft

"Mickie Mueller provides us with a fascinating look into the wisdom, lore and beauty of trees. Based on the Ancient Ogham system, this unique and gorgeously rendered presentation serves as an inspiring reminder of the powerful influence trees have on all of our lives."
~Lisa Hunt, author of Animals Divine Tarot and The Fairy Tale Tarot

"I was thrilled to read Voice of the Trees.  This is far more than another tired tome on Celtic tree lore.   The spectacular artwork alone is worth having for deeper trigger they provide into understanding a divination and belief system often not treated so thoughtfully.   Mickie Mueller's kinship with and understanding of Celtic sacred trees not as often honored delves into still more areas not often explored by modern Celtic Pagans.  What she created is a tool to serve our community reaching far beyone mere divination practices."

Edain McCoy, author of Celtic Myth & Magick: Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses

Gasp!   Needless to say, I'm over the moon.   All my hard work was worth every late night, every last research book scattered about, every outing missed, every frozen pizza dinner!
Well, I had to share because I'm delighted, and so very grateful that these talented and busy folks were kind enough to take the time to read my manuscript and contribute blurbs.  Back down to earth I must go, finish the edits and work on the next few projects that await me on the old wooden art table. 
Come oooon September!


  1. I agree about the spectacular art work. I can't wait to see all of it. I will pre-order this book for sure, but since I blew $50 on yesterday, I think I will wait a bit.

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  3. LOL! I hear ya Julie, Amazon can really be addictive, all those wonderful books, yours for the clicking! Ah!

    (I had a typo above....haha!)

  4. I have pre-ordered now, 'cuz I don't have to pay until it is shipped. Now I can't wait until Sept.


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